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Ellen mocks Sally Kern

Filed By Waymon Hudson | March 13, 2008 12:30 PM | comments

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Ellen DeGeneres is on a roll! First, she comes out against the murder of Lawrence King on her day-time talk show. Now she's taking on Sally Kern, the hate-spewing Oklahoma Legislator. Here's the video:

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ellen, you go girl! you delivered that message so nicely!

Saw her do this on yesterday and oh how I loved it.

Michael Bedwell | March 13, 2008 4:00 PM

Thanks for that, Waymon!

I've never "gotten" Ellen as a comedian but that doesn’t matter because tons of middle-of-the-road straight people do as evidenced by the size of her talk show audience and the 15 Emmys the show has won.

While understanding the sting she apparently still feels from the way she was treated by the network, et al., after coming out on her sit com, I hope she will continue to do more of these kinds of things. Not every day; not every week; but there are enough opportunities [unfortunately] in recurring current events to justify the same type of calls for understanding and compassion that she made over children losing a puppy.

We can’t give up direct political action while waiting for the success of “viral” challenges such as these to homophobia, but many underestimate the power of simply making hatred of LGBTs no longer socially acceptable either by moral condemnation or simply shining a light on cretins like Sally Kern who recited lies about us that long ago grew moldy.

More kids would be standing up for the Lawrence Kings of the world if gay bashing or even using the word faggot became as uncool to them as last year’s fashion or their grandparents’ musical tastes.

We must engage all tactics, for although Martin Luther King. Jr., was right when he said, “It may be true that the law cannot make a man love me, but it can stop him from lynching me,” Bayard Rustin was also right when he noted that achieving the majority consensus in society that lynching was no longer acceptable reduced them as much as an actual federal anti-lyching law that they failed to get passed.

I have always liked Ellen, I enjoyed her show and hated when it was cancelled. I will never forget the scene with Laura Dern in the airport when she came out, it was so heartwarming and funny.

It is good that she is using her show to point out this type of hatred and bigotry that goes on. I think she has 'normalised' the face of our community for many people.

What a surprise that her voice mailbox was full.

I'm glad to see Ellen mounting the pulpit to finally vocalize some of our issues rather than just dancing her way to whatever a publicist has booked for the show. She reaches more people than most of us do and needs to use that reach responsibly. I'm proud of her for these past couple of "political" speeches.

I agree with you Bil

However, it was in Ellen's contract that she could not mention LGBT issues politically-if at all. Now that she is even beating Oprah, I guess her production house is giving her some free room. Although i completely disagree with that clause, Ellen's last two shows that she headlined (both comedies) tanked when LGBT storylines were used.

Ellen reaches WAAAAY more people than any other LGBT medium, almost combined. It's nice to see her break out on her show....