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Emperors without clothes

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The AFA is calling off their boycott of Ford and claiming victory because there's been a cut-back in donations to LGBT organizations. Pam says:

Of course a retreat in overall marketing and targeting to all consumers would be in line if your company was losing 8% per year due to relying on a business model that placed gas-hogging SUVs as your profit center.

And these were the people that the media said won the election for Bush in '04? These are the people they thought McCain had to court to win the GOP nomination?

Also, lookit what Joe got from a Ford representative:

The AFA has made its decision and is ready to move on. Our principles have not changed. We are committed to treating everyone fairly and with respect, including our dealers, customers and employees. Ford will continue to market its products widely to attract as many customers as possible and make charitable contributions to strengthen communities to the extent business conditions allow. Difficult business conditions in recent years have reduced our overall spending across the board.

Jim Cain
Director, Product Communications
Ford, Lincoln and Mercury

They're reducing their overall advertising and charitable budgets because of hard times, and LGBT donations and advertising were cut along with it.

Don't buy the hype - the leaders of these organizations never had the power over Middle America that the coastal media said they had. Look how pathetic they are that they call off their boycott without even hearing from Ford just because, by coincidence, their demands were quasi-met.

It was about as successful of a boycott as the one that Disney barely noticed.

No one in Middle America cares about whom the Wildmons tell them to shop from. They care about many of the same issues, yes, but they're obviously not taking marching orders from these folks.

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Those AFA folks will grasp at anything to claim a victory. Gotta give 'em credit - they work the spin machine like real pros.

Think they'll claim credit for the downfall of Spitzer next?

Bill Perdue Bill Perdue | March 12, 2008 9:54 PM

They did the same thing as soon as they'd brought the Magic Kingdom to its knees. Disney is still GLBT friendly, or GLBT money hungry, whichever comes first.

The same thing happened with Wal*Mart not long ago. Despite widespread predictions that revenues would be down in the 2006 holiday season, the fundies organized a boycott and then took credit when those revenues were, in fact, down. Unfortunately, WalMart also slowed down it's LGBT equality work in the process. Although the fundies had no measurable impact, they declared victory anyway.

Gee, no wonder I got a ford! I thought it was because I liked the model and all. Who would have thought it was to bust a boycott by the AFA.

To put it nicely, AFA can bite my pretty little tranny @$$.

Maybe they will boycott me next!

How funny Jere - I thought of WalMart first too and how they claimed to have brought them to their knees. Riiiiight.