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Family Research Council: Export the Gays

Filed By Michael Crawford | March 23, 2008 10:30 AM | comments

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Not content to demonize gays in the public sphere and advocate writing anti-gay discrimination in the U.S. and state level constitutions, the Family Research Council has decided it is time to "export" the gays. Here is what Peter Sprigg of the Family Research Council had to say in an interview with in opposition to the Uniting American Families Act. If passed UAFA would allow American citizens to sponsor their foreign-born same sex partners for immigration into the U.S.

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Wow. That's a real "hate the sin, love the sinner" kind of attitude there.

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"Pro-Family Activists"?? Why do people and the media continue to play into the Fundie's rhetoric?

Call them what they are-- Hate-filled, anti-gay bigots.

Oh yeah, we have all heard that kind of rhetoric before. something about ships and Africa.... the arrogance virtually makes me want to vomit...

We have heard it mutliple times in history; Scots evicted and resettled, the Irish sent out in prison ships to Australia, and finally, an "emigration" policy set into motion by some laws named after the city of Nuremberg in the 1930's.

If McCain wins and the Republicans take back both houses, the price that the Right will extract for their support will be high.

You are right, Maura,,,but this is America - the "great melting pot". This Nation is supposed to be "the land of the people", not the property of a self appointed ruling class. Everyone has a right to an opinion, but I have heard just about enough from these self righteous ignorant bigots... claiming to support family values while simultaneously doing all they can to keep loved ones and families apart. The hypocrisy makes me crazy. They don't believe in love...it makes me think that they have never felt it. Like they don't have a soul...

Jer, I want to say you're right, but the myth of the American melting pot is totally bogus. This country has always been about exclusion, right from the very beginning. It's right there in the Constitution. This country is built on a foundation of racism, classism, and sexism. Homophobia is just the newest icing on the cake.

Honestly, I want to move to Holland, where we're no different than anyone else. Since I'm first generation American, I don't feel bad about returning to "where I came from." I would feel bad, however, about colonizing some other country. So this guy may be onto something. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of people, gay, straight or otherwise, leave the US if the GOP wins big this year.

Honestly, I want to move to Holland, where we're no different than anyone else.

Yeah, but they have a real problem with racism and immigrant bashing.

The immigrant problem in the netherlands goes both ways, both against the immigrants, and by the immigrants.

The settlement of many fundamentalist muslims in a country as liberal as the netherlands has led to a great deal of social tension. Yes, the muslims face a great deal of racism and bigotry, but they give as good as they get.

Don't believe me, look at the statistics on crime, especially rape and assault. In some areas of the netherlands, an unvieled woman walking at night is taken as an invitation by gangs of youths for rape. Unvieled women in those same areas report harrasment and assault for their 'immodesty'.

If you think our fundamentalists are bad, at least they do not beat and rape women for wearing makeup and no headscarf. Not saying that they wouldn't if they thought they could get away with it, but at least it hasn't caught on, yet.