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Today's For Better or for Worse:
For Better or for Worse - 4/1

Ah! The return of Lawrence, FBOFW's gay character who earned himself a mention in a Michelle Malkin column (she wasn't pleased).

I wonder about Connie, though, and whether or not she's learned anything from having a gay son. Like, how, if he were straight, would she get to be the mother of the bride?

Either way, I think the fact that Elly thinks that a Nicholas-Lawrence wedding would "complete the circle" is one of the best arguments against same-sex marriage I've ever heard. When will those Canadians learn?


I'm going to be trying to keep a blogging project separate from Bilerico for a while to see how that goes.

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Lame. I miss Calvin & Hobbes. Tell me THAT wasn't a queer relationship.

Tell me THAT wasn't a queer relationship.

Okay, it wasn't.

I kind of don't understand why a Nicholas-Lawrence wedding completing the circle is such an argument against same sex marriage.

Could you better explain that assertion please?

Yeah, diddly, I wrote this in the perspective of my old QfQ site, where we talk enough about FBOFW for it to make sense. I didn't even think twice about it here!

The running joke is that Elly (and other adults in FBOFW) use their positions of power and influence over the youth to constrict possibility and make them unhappy little clones of the previous generation, often against their will (a la the creepy Elizabeth/Anthony romance). Add to that the fact she's dorky and semi-socially conservative, and it's just like, anything Elly likes is bad.

Now it's not funny anymore. ;)

And, to make sure the joke is fully beaten, I just read josh's post on the same comic. He says pretty much the same thing but with barnyard animal references.