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Gay scientists isolate Christian gene

Filed By Bil Browning | March 09, 2008 7:43 AM | comments

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After all, if Christianity can be inherited like baldness, there must be a cure.

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naah, they're just the same coalition of anti civil rights 60's racists abd bigots dressed up in religious drag.


When one class vilifies and berates another it is always a question with me as to why? When someone demeans what others hold in value it again strikes me with a greater question. I suppose jealousy, or insecurity, are some motivators, or just a sociopathic bent.

Marginalizing others for personal gain is why I have come so down so hard on HRC, Barney Frank, and the militant gay community. They are doing what they do at the expense, welfare, and safety of those who need it the most. They are repeating what Hitler and gang had initially instigated in their rise. We know the outcome. However, when I see advocates for equality berate and openly injure others it is too much. It is no less as repugnant as a pedophile promoting child safety, all the while raping them; and taking a bow for their wonderful role as an activist.

I know that you and others here do not really understand Transgender, CD, or the differences between them. I do not think that you care. Or that you care about how they are represented here. You have seen my other posted comments, which also were likely not understood.

I see in this little video piece the humor, but it is low level, and similar to anything that berates others and their values, it is detrimental. That is something an equality advocacy cannot afford to do if it wishes to effect positive change and educate. You can slam Christians, and throw rocks at the church in same fashion as have other militant gay groups, but at what price?

I am Transsexual, Transitioned, and a Christian. I have for the most part been accepted by the Christian community once they come to understand and are given the truth about me and what I have to suffer. Unlike the gay community at large their hearts have room for compassion and are open to more tolerance than I see here on bilerico. I see this as an unsafe place. If others are made to be less than equal, then they are marginalized and placed often in danger. I am not sure if that is the intent, but it does play into the hands of those who are hateful. The action whether in jest, or intent, is parallel and makes my life less secure.

That’s how I see it.