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Gays Pay More Taxes Than Churches -- Good Point

Filed By Dustin Kight | March 14, 2008 3:34 PM | comments

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Tulsa World has an interesting article up about the response to Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern's hateful comments about gays.

Since Kern claims that gays are a worse threat to this nation than Islam and the terrorists (I'm paraphrasing here), she's stirred up both communities -- in Tulsa and beyond.

We're not accustomed to seeing the gay community and the Muslim community caught up in the same slander, and responding together. I've not seen a lot common responses from the two groups yet -- not that they're mutually exclusive -- and I wonder if/how that will be handled as this controversy develops. (Side note: If you have seen such responses, please point them out to us in the comments.)

Meanwhile, one person left a hilarious (and kind of poignant) comment on the article, which you can (and should read) after the jump:

From the Tulsa World article's comments:

7. 3/14/2008 2:39:58 AM, R.D., Tulsa
All the gays in Oklahoma have paid more taxes in one year than all the churches in Oklahoma have paid since statehood. She doesn't mind getting paid by them does she? The religious right is always ready to criticize but they never foot the bill for anything. I am sick of these freeloaders. They are a much bigger threat to our country than gay people are. Our military doesn't even have the supplies they need to fight this war. Well at least the gays are doing their part. What the hell has her Baptist minister husnband's church done to help buy equipment?

Perhaps "Taxation Without (Full) Representation" should be the slogan at this year's Pride Events :)

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I'd never really thought of that before...nice!

Oh, now you have done it! Pointing out that churches like to meddle in public policy and governing, but don't want to pay for it.

Seperation my pretty little tranny @$$.

Frig it!
I pay, personally, more taxes in a year than do the right wing christian churches in America combined. In addition, my son is serving in the US military and preparing for another tour. I don't see any children of the leading fundies doing that.

And...as long as I am on a rant, stop treating them as a 501c3 and start treating like the Repubican PAC 527's that they are!

Yeah, but... individual church goers still pay taxes like the rest of us do. I think that's a more fair comparison, people to people.

Still, churches should be taxed on everything they do that isn't charity. And I mean real charity, not telling Indonesian women they're going to hell. But when they feed people and house them and help them (which they often do), I'm kinda glad they're around.

Churches almost lost part of their tax-exempt status here in Indiana. Here they also don't have to pay anything to get fire and police protection. The legislature was trying to get them to pay for some of these costs, but of course the fundies got bent out of shape. After all, they can't have those huge mega-churches with no fire protection - and you know that they wouldn't actually pay for it like we do...

The part that really pisses me off is when you see police officers serving as security guards in full uniform, but they're "off-duty" so it's okay. Bah.

Yet another reason for the gay community to support FairTax. The churches would be paying tax for anything they purchased. If they are going to be spouting their rhetoric, they should at least pay taxes.