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High School Students Discuss Obama's Speech on Race

Filed By Michael Crawford | March 30, 2008 5:16 PM | comments

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This amazing video has been making the rounds of progressive blogs including AmericaBlog and Pam's House Blend. I am posting it here because I believe that as many people as possible need to see this group of incredibly smart and articulate high school students discussing race and Barack Obama's recent speech on race in America.

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It is truly inspiring to see these young people discuss race in the kind of open and honest way that most adults run from like the plague. These young people are a sign of where our country can be headed if we follow the better angels of our nature rather than continue to be led by our prejudices.

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We've got to start to turn this ship around through education. These students show that that can be done.

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | March 31, 2008 12:20 AM

Education, Opportunity,Better Parenting, Safer Streets, inspiring leadership, rejection of false material status over real accomplishment, or just acknowledging the Human Genome? We Westerners, and I mean ALL of us are so very wealthy when compared to the majority of the world. And yet, we stupidly concentrate on the things that fracture us rather than unite us. These kids are wonderful and I hope that every teacher in every multi ethnic class sees this piece. I will be forwarding it to every teacher I know.

To see those kids feel so empowered was a wonderful thing. It kind of made me feel empowered. I think getting older can rob you of some of that optimism if you aren't careful... Exposure to cynicism and negativity can really take a toll after a while. This really helped me get things back into perspective. Thanks for posting it.

The young people are our greatest hope. Not only are they more gay friendly, they're willing to discuss race, politics and gender - and the triangulation that happens.