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Hillary Ain't No Obama

Filed By Storm Bear | March 07, 2008 8:40 AM | comments

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I just do not understand why Hillary sounds so hollow and insincere. When she is on the stump, her presentation lacks passion and conviction.

So why is she still in the race? I think it is the politics of fear and dirty tricks. The 3AM phone commercial is an example of how she rolls. She doesn't try to convince you she is good, she tries to scare the hell out of you. Always insinuating what will happen when a Black man is in charge.

She even claims McCain will make a fine Commander in Chief but Obama will be totally inept at it.

The longer the campaign continues, Hillary shows just how far she is willing to sink to win the nomination. In this aspect, she is no different from Rove and Bush. Bush showed how low he was willing to go to defeat McCain in 2000 and again against Kerry in 2004.

If you ask me, with that kind of track record, Hillary Clinton is not fit for office.

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IMHO, Hillary Rodham Clinton has just been in the political arena for too long. The woman literally grew up in politics. She started out as a "Goldwater Girl" and served as the president at her school for "Young Republicans". She later resigned, and wrote her thesis on Saul Alinsky, a community organizer. I think that I would have liked her then. (you can read the thesis at ) I believe at that time she was still driven by ideals. She has spent too much time around all of the slugs in the political arena. Lust for power and ambition have replaced her idealism. Pity. She is an extremely bright woman. Who knows, once she has satisfied her ambition, perhaps she might return to her roots. Don't be overly critical; she is still a human being.

Well if Hillary really sounded hollow and insincere or lacked passion and conviction, she would not have beat Obama last Tuesday. Obviously we Hillary supporters feel differently about Obama.

I feel like both Obama Supporters and Hillary Supporters are so different we don't understand what each other sees in their candidate.

Michael Bedwell | March 7, 2008 11:44 AM

Oooh, the race card now applied to the hissy fits about the 3AM ad! How original, Storm Bear. NOT.

You couldn't tell shit from Shinola.

what is shinola, anyway? i have heard that expression all my life and i still don't know what it means. never mind, i googled it. shinola was a popular brand of shoe polish.

"... the real answer is to be found deep in our lizard brains. Clinton won by dealing from the bottom of the deck -- and the bottom of the barrel -- and playing the fear card. And, as happened in 2002 and 2004, Be Very Afraid proved to be a very effective campaign pitch.

After her New Hampshire comeback, Clinton famously declared: "I found my own voice."

For this latest comeback, she found Karl Rove's voice.

People aren't currently stocking up on Cipro and duct tape but, as the cable channels' hyped up reaction to the Times Square explosion showed, these are still jittery times. And appeals to voters' lizard brains still move the needle.

After an 11 state losing streak, Hillary Clinton didn't suddenly transform into a more compelling candidate. Only a spookier one. "

( Arianna Huffington " The Lizard Brain Wins Again" )

Now, now, Beloved. Hillary's friends referred to her as evil. And we all know about friends, don't we? I believe that you are over-reacting. I still prefer Obama. There, we agree. But it doesn't make the world a better place to demonize Clinton. Sure, she has faults. Sure, she is capable of making ugly decisions. So do we all.

It is true, there is no need to demonize Clinton - she consistently manages to do that for herself through her conduct of this campaign. The items I have shared merely reflect the reality of that conduct.