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I get mail: This could be a regular feature

Filed By Bil Browning | March 14, 2008 11:10 AM | comments

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It's funny. As the blog has grown, so have the number of e-mails I get every day. Our editor inbox also is quite the draw to many publicists and promoters (self and paid). I've started a catchphrase in my house when I start laughing over some wacky e-mail or another. Jerame or Paige look at me and I just say, "I get mail."

The inbox held this press release this morning. Since the author thought it was something we'd like to see, I've reprinted it after the jump in its entirety - including the contact information (in case you'd like to know more, of course!).

Do with it what you will. *grins*

Divine Justice for Gov. Spitzer

NEW YORK, March 14 /PRNewswire/ -- The following is a statement issued by Dovid Z. Schwartz, an attorney living in Queens, NY:

The resignation of Governor Spitzer appears to be a form of Divine justice carried out by the hands of human beings in law enforcement from this author's perspective as an Orthodox Jew living in New York. I respectively call upon incoming Governor David Paterson to protect the institution of the nuclear family with laws protecting the sanctity of marriage.

Governor Spitzer admitted betraying his wife, children and the people of New York when he was accused of laundering money in order to pay prostitutes for himself. The family is the basic unit of government. A man and wife bring into the world the next generation of citizens, taxpayers and voters. The family is the institution where the next generation is taught the values of society.

Governor Spitzer sought to give a deviant relationship with no reproductive potential the same status as a nuclear family. Last year, Governor Spitzer introduced a bill in the New York State Assembly that would grant the status of legal marriage to a homosexual relationship. Orthodox Jewish groups condemned the measure. A grass-roots campaign was launched in early July 2007 under the auspices of top Orthodox leaders, to urge New York State Senators to vote no on any bill granting a homosexual relationship the status of a valid marriage in any form whatsoever.

By removing the element of childbearing from marriage, the same-sex marriage laws define the purpose of a marriage as the gratification of the emotional and physical needs of the couple, and in so doing, cut the next generation of children out of the definition of marriage.

Improper sexual unions, such as adultery, incest and homosexuality, are prohibited to all mankind by the Seven Laws that were given to Noah, the bedrock of all civilization and the standard by which the Almighty judges gentile nations. Any gentile that carries out the rule of law, like the other Seven Mitzvos, with proper intent can gain tremendous spiritual merit. But putting into law the recognition of lewdness as a valid form of marriage threatens to rend the fabric of civilization.

The hallmark of Divine justice is "measure for measure," the punishment fitting the crime (more commonly known as "irony"). The Almighty uses the very thing that a man has committed wrong with, as a form of punishment. The Governor's agenda to legitimize lewdness through same-sex marriage, like New Jersey Governor James E. McGreevey before him, brought about the destruction of his career through punishment for his own lewdness. Governor Paterson would bring protection and blessing to the State of New York by working with the leaders and members of the New York State Senate and Assembly to enact laws defining marriage as the union of a man and a woman.
Dovid Z. Schwartz can be reached at [email protected].

Source: Dovid Z. Schwartz

CONTACT: Dovid Z. Schwartz of Dovid Z. Schwartz, +1-917-680-6632,
[email protected]

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Who's surprised?

Not that Spitzer is so beholden to the community that I can feel justified in saying, "Eliot! No! Passing marriage equality should have been your #1 priority, not having sex with a prostitute!" But I am a little bitter about it...

NEWSFLASH, Dovid Z. Schwartz, LGBTQ people can and do regularly give birth to children, or create their families in other ways. When will people wake up and realize that reproductive capabilities are blind to sexual orientation?

Seriously, folks, do your research. Or, rather, don't do YOUR research, but spend a few minutes reading OURS :) It's, you know, actually endorsed by the established academic community.

I'm just going to say that I think this is hilarious. We get press releases all the time in the editor's inbox (if you all email the editor or use the web contact form, it goes to me as well as Bil, so don't bad-talk me there, lol), usually promoting junk that we'd never post here, rarely promoting an actual story. But this one takes the cake. "I think something and I'm going to send around a press release saying it." Yeppers.

Alex, I think you and I should start a weekly feature called "We get mail." My inbox is full of the personal e-mails now too. It's funny - most of them are sweet, personal notes but some of them are just out there...

Seriously, every day now I read an e-mail to Jerame after prefacing it with, "I get mail."

Could you refresh my memory on something. When I send you an E-mail, where on the screen do I attach the "forever" E-mail stamp?

Here's something. Put a sensor in the bottom of your US mail box (if you have one) that turns on a light in your house that says on it "You have mail."

That's so gay! And not in a good way. ;^)

We totally could Bil. When you took me on as an editor a year ago and let me see what we got in that email address, it was only listserves and a few press releases, an occasional intelligent email from a reader. But lately it seems to just be something crazy all the time. Like really crazy crazy. We could definitely maintain a regular feature with that stuff.

That was kool! Funny thing about ignorance. To dumb to know when you're being that way. OY GEVALT!

Cathy Renna Cathy Renna | March 15, 2008 9:40 PM


you'll know you are really getting attention when you start getting hate mail