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I Know Who The True Opponent Is

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Birds of a feather flock together. Perhaps it's time Democrats woke up to realize who the true opponent is.

Bil's absolutely right. It's time we Democrats focus on who and what the real enemy is. Personally, I've known who the true opponent is since 1980...

I've been eligible to vote since 1980 and the first election I was able to participate in was the Carter-Reagan presidential contest. I was already pissed about Reagan starting his presidential run in Philadelphia, MS and uttering the words in his kickoff speech 'I believe in state's rights".

I was one of those African-American kids in my idealistic college days who naively proclaimed that my vote was beholden to nobody. I was going to vote for the best candidate regardless of party.

I watched as Reagan took office and governed in a manner hostile to African-Americans and working class people in general. Meanwhile, in Texas our first Republican governor in a century was jacking up the state. So I was begining to realize that my bold pronouncement of voter independence wasn't going to neatly line up with the reality I deal with as an African-American.

I received a harsh wake up call in 1984 and gave up any pretense of being an independent voter on November 6, 1984. That was the day a white GOP poll watcher came into my predominately BIack polling place and tried to deny my right to vote on a technicality. The Harris County GOP had been sounding their usual pre-election propaganda about being "concerned about voter irregularities." (Translation: my home precinct was one that voted 90% Democratic.)

Earlier that summer I watched a then little-known state legislator named Tom Delay in what's become known in Texas political lore as the 'Dallas Massacre,' help orchestrate the takeover of the Texas Republican party by tossing out all the liberal and moderates peeps in leadership postions and replace then with Religious right acolytes and conservative ideologues. The blueprint they crafted in Dallas was used over the ensuing ten years to take over other Republican parties in various states. Just a few days ago the Reichers tried to take over the Jefferson County (Louisville) and Kentucky Republican parties but thankfully failed.

Fast forward to the first decade of the 21st century. Republicans have ruined my home state after 10 plus years of GOP rule. They've also ruined New Orleans, Iraq, and this country and our economy. They have stolen two presidential elections. They have poisoned race relations. They have promoted economic policies that benefit corporations and the wealthy at the expense of working class Americans. They have trashed the constitution and turned political discourse and policy making from a reason and logic based model to a diss-fest. They have ruined our country's good name that took two centuries to build by getting us involved in a war we didn't have to fight, lied to do so and has been arrogant bullies on the world stage.

Yet there are some GLBT people, who are the targets of homophobia and negative policy initiatives designed to turn them into permanent second class citizens and political punching bags, who are so obtuse as to what's happening that they would try to say with a straight face that the GLBT community should take a second look at voting for Republicans.

What hallucinogenic drugs are these people on?

You're trying to tell me that Sen. John McCain, a man with 'F's on every NAACP congressional report card since the NAACP started tracking Congress in 1994, (to compare, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama both score 'A's', but none are ranked on the first one for the 110th Congress since they are all presidential candidates.) who's kissing up to the same Reichers he called "dangerous and divisive" in 2000, and who deemed political debates sponsored by the African-American and Latino communities last summer not important enough for him to show up is a viable alternative to Sen Barack Obama or Sen Hillary Clinton?

Yeah, right.

That's why when I get the opportunity to vote on November 4, just 227 days from now, I'm voting a straight Democratic ticket. I hope and pray that Sen. Barack Obama will be heading that ticket, but if for some reason he isn't, I'm not gonna sit this election out.

The cold, hard facts are that if you want progressive political change in this country, you have to elect Democrats. It's that simple. It should be obvious to anyone who's observed the last seven years that there is a major difference in the political life, persona, amount of money in your wallets and direction of this country when Democrats are running things as opposed to Republicans. The GOP has done so much damage to the country that we don't have time to waste waiting for you Greens or other third party advocates to get your act together and become a viable party.

If we want the political entity known as the United States to survive to its tricentennial and beyond and be true to the progressive values that our Founding Fathers set forth when they crafted our Constitution, we must have a Democrat sitting in the White House with 60 Democratic senators or more to clean up the mess of the last seven years.

We need change, and we ain't gonna get it with John McCain sitting in the Oval Office or a Senate with a large enough bloc of GOP votes to frustrate whatever positve legislation the Democrats come up with.

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Your comments in Sara's post above yours, is one of the reasons I find this post a little disingenuous.

You were the first to start the "blame game" that is tearing the dems apart as we speak. All McCain has to do is sit back and watch the cash roll in since dems are doing his job for him. By the time November comes around he will have the war chest and enough ammunition to blow the dem canidate out of the water.

Stop blaming each other for "dirty campaigning", playing the race card, digging up whitewater or cigars in the oval office, whatever.

McCain is the enemy, not each other, start acting that way.

Michael Bedwell | March 21, 2008 6:45 PM

Fasten your seat belt, Monica—I'm going to defend you., :- )

Diddly, Monica's comment in Sara's thread may or may not be disingenuous, but the most important point is where she ends up. She understands that any disagreeable differences we perceive between ourselves as voters or between Senators Clinton and Obama are trumped, negated, neutralized, made temporarily irrelevant to the damage that doing anything to contribute to McShame being elected would do.

We've heard crazy things said by both camps in this election but none crazier than, "I'll vote for McShame or Nader or not vote at all if my candidate doesn't get the nomination." I have actually lost sleep worrying about such a political suicide nightmare coming true.

There are certainly questions about what H & O, if elected, might try to do, might be able to do, in relation to LGBTs or Iraq or the economy, even health care though it seems that the electorate is finally ready to demand SOMETHING better of Congress, however incremental.

But, as I've said before, I am confidant that neither of them would nominate to the Supreme Court anyone who would be hostile to LGBTs, women, people of color, or civil liberties in contrast to Repugs. You can temporarily table every other issue, "stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone, prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone"—and nothing remains more important than that in this election.

I vote for who I feel will do the job I have seen many an idiot who called there selfs Democrat and Republcan do a horrid job.So first chance I did was vote to get them out.Yes the person matters to blindly follow a party is just plan wrong.So vote for who you feel will do the job not by party alone.As an idiot is an idiot no matter what tag they wear on.

Diddly girl,
With all due respect, explain to me how lil ole me making a comment on Sara's post gets elevated to 'the reason the Democratic party is tearing itself apart?'

No, it's not disengenouos as you put it for me to point out that it was the Clinton campaign who went negative starting in South Carolina when he compared Obama's campaign to Jesse Jackson Sr, knowing there are some white peeps who froth at the mouth when they hear that name.

Bur it doesn't change the fact that I am a blunt, outspoken big picture person who calls it as she sees it and always have been.

That being said, we can go back and forch over who went negative first. I refuse to play that game.

I repeat, the bottom line for me in this campaign is that nothing less than an overwhelming Democratic victory with a minimum of 60 Democratic senators will satisfy me on November 4.

I and other Democrats in Kentucky will do our part to ensure that we replace Mitch McConnell with a Democrat and Kentucky electoral votes end up in the Democratic column in November. I would rather have Barack Obama as that nominee.

If Hillary gets the nomination, I'll be pissed, but not pissed off enough to stay home. I'll work just as hard to get her in the White House as I would for Obama and I'll gripe after I cast my straight ticket Dem ballot.

There may be others who'll take their toys and go home, but I'm not one of those short-sighted people. I'm well aware of the importance of this election. As Michael stated, we GLBT peeps can't afford another 4 years of a Republican occupying the White House and stacking the courts, especially the Supreme Court, with more conservative judges.

The reason it gets elevated, is because it is an example of what is going on in the democratic party, both sides blaming the other, both crying "They did it first!" like three year olds.

It is time to act like adults, ignore the insults, and focus on the goal of getting someone elected who is not going to give us four more years of the same old crap. The constant back and forth of "They said this," and "They did that.", is old and worn out. Playing along with the blame game is just putting more cash and votes in McCain's corner.

Cathy is right, you should vote for the person that you feel will best serve in the office. We happen to know that person is Not a repug, they got us into the mess we are in. That leaves either Clinton or Obama.

It is time for the dementos to start to heal the wounds and focus on the goal of defeating McCain.

United we stand, divided we fall.

You know I like just about any post that begins with "Bil's absolutely right"...


And Michael Bedwell defending Monica Roberts? Did it just start to snow in the underworld?

Well, I do not know about the underworld, but I am sure going to buy a lottery ticket!

And face it Bil, just like a broken clock, you can be right every once in awhile. ;)