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I'm going on strike

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I'm just not going to do it anymore. I can't take it. My nerves are on edge, the internet has become a war zone and friends and family members are turning against each other.

withstupid.jpgWe have 50 contributors. You won't miss me. Someone else can handle it while we go through this rough patch. I'm going on strike.

At Daily Kos some of the bloggers have gone on strike too. They're protesting Markos's tendency to allow comments that personally attack Hillary supporters and sexist attacks on Hillary herself. While I can understand their angst, I'm doing it for a different reason.

I'm not going to cover Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton stories until the candidate is chosen

While Obama is my candidate of choice, he may not be yours. That's fine; I understand. Shoot, Jerame is a Hillary supporter and we manage to co-exist (pretty much) peacefully - until we talk presidential politics.

Suddenly I'm throwing in red herrings and he's being intellectually dishonest. I want to strangle him and he wants to brain me. While I won't say we start yelling at each other, let's just leave it at "very forceful arguing ensues."

One of us gets good and mad at the other and disengages from the conversation for a breather. I turn on the TV to see what's happening in the world and what's all over the news stations? Hillary vs Barack. Pundit vs pundit vs "objective" host. More "forceful arguing" about which candidate the right wing can defeat and detailed plans of how they could do it. Leave it to the Democrats to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by providing their opponents with a detailed play book of the soon-to-be nominee's personality flaws, problem areas and peccadilloes.

I shut off the talking heads and hop in the car to go for a drive. Jerame is an talk radio junkie while I'm a music kinda guy. I crank over the motor and the radio comes to life.

"Hillary Clinton is a dirty skank who loves sending jobs to Sri Lanka! Remember White Water! Remember blowjobs! She wears pants!"

"Barack Obama is a dirty Muslim with a racist Christian pastor! Viva la Resko! He's a pot smoking foreigner! His feet stink!"

On the Project we have plenty of Hillary/Obama posts; we have plenty of comments to add/subtract/attack/defend the post/author/commenter/candidate. I refuse to participate in beating up a friend. Isn't that what this is?

On Bilerico-Indiana, I'll be forced to cover the candidates as they start coming to Indiana for some primary voter mojo lovin'. (In fact, as I look at my inbox, I have several press releases from Team Obama and a few others from Team Clinton.) I will not, however, enjoy it. I'll limit it to just the facts - without my opinion.

Once we decide who is the nominee and these heinous acts of cannibalization stop and Democrats wake up to the fact that the differences between Hillary and Obama are pretty much cosmetic and personality-driven and that John McCain is a Republican like the BushCo regime and that McCain will be the opponent in the election that matters most - then and only then - will I cover their little escapades on the Project. That's what they (and their devoted disciples) are: little kids out having escapades and adventures.

scolding.jpgThey're going to have to face an adult in the general election. John McCain is old enough that he'll reach down, swoop them up and spank them like the little children they've been acting like. Where does that get us?


So - until these two twins in the nursery decide to grow up and we decide who's the nominee, I'm on strike.

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Do you have a union contract with the readers? Wait! You, Alex and a few others are management. You can't go on strike. Your "employees" (contributors) can.

"More pay! Less hours! More pay! Less hours! Management is cheating us!"

Sorry, but I was giving your contributors a head start on the strike. You could always hire scabs blog writers to cross the picket line. Maybe Sue would cross the picket line?

Don Sherfick Don Sherfick | March 20, 2008 4:14 PM

With a number of years in federal sector labor law under my belt, I am well aware that since the two of you flaming liberals cannot be classified as working anywhere but the infamous "nanny state", you really have no right to strike, be you be labor, management, or whatever else there is to be in the blogging industry. Have you considered mediation to resolve your electoral differences? I took a course at a Hampton Inn once (Holiday Inn's are Republican sounding) and have the textbook around somewhere. If nothing else you can take turns throwing it at each other until after the November elections....or at least the August Democratic National Convention in Denver. Interested?

Bil, Monica's right. You're el jeffe. Ergo, no striko. Si se puedo, pero not so much for you. However, to bring back Sue? That would be an act of lunacy that would certainly push the rest of us to go on strike! :^)

Here's a suggested picket sign:

Bil-, and the rest of the -erico
Management are UNFAIR
To Contribitors!

Share profits!

"What do we want?"
"More pay!"
"When do we want it?"
"Right now!"

Just call me a blog writer union sympathizer and agitator.

HEY!!! we contributors GET PAID???


Sara - see Alex's post about getting paid $15/month for his share of ad revenues. I'll write your check when you accumulate enough pennies to get $20. How's that? :)

You're running a sweatshop, Bil. This is why you can't go on strike. But I'm putting you on notice . . . Perhaps we need to bring in an outside mediator to settle contract negotiations. Because really, it's the readers who will suffer.

The strike over at dkos is the dumbest things I've heard of in a while. Some blogs prefer certain candidates. Big deal. There are plenty of blogs out there that prefer Hillary or McCain or Ron Paul or whoever.

For a second there, I thought Alex had written about canidate Ru-Paul, and I thought,
"I didn't see her name on the ballot.".

A strike is as american as apple pie, and truthfully, I have been sick of this whole cruddy business since even before the primaries started.

I has just goten worse too, shriller and more full of small minded bickering and name calling, more reminicent of a kindergarden class president contest than for the nation's presidential election.

Give me a picket sign too Bil, I am with you all the way!

Politics aint it grand btw did ya ignore me when I said it's a contact sport with no rules?Ya should see some of the elections weve had here in Georgia over the years.

Carry on


Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | March 21, 2008 12:03 AM


I agree with you that the Democrats need to focus on what really matters: taking back the White House and increasing the Democratic majorities in the House and Senate.

I say we take aim at John McCain who is getting quite cozy with a number of anti-gay evangelicals like John Hagee.

The funniest part of this comment thread is that I almost titled the post "I'm boycotting the Democratic candidates." Strike just seemed easier to understand in a headline. LOL

So I'm not striking against Bilerico management. I'm striking against all the damn press releases and arguments and bickering and snide remarks by the candidates and their supporters.

See how powerful certian words can be? At least you caused a rather funny string of comments to be generated.

ke? You can't go on strike. I've read your contract with us and I know for a fact (see my article in the National Enquirer for back up assertions of unproven facts republished there from two online diaries written by unnamed contributors) that you aren't permitted to strike.

You did, though, spark a thought - if we're sick of it (and some of us are), I wonder how the rest of the country feels? It's the first time in ages that so many people have been engaged in the whole process of electing a candidate. Are we at risk of losing those newly invested voters by the time their vote will actually count in something other than a poll?