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Is FOTF using homosexual urges for its own personal gain?

Filed By Alex Blaze | March 06, 2008 7:20 PM | comments

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Like, duh, yeah, but here's another example.

hottiethe2.jpgThere's an article in Breakaway magazine (FOTF's teen boy mag that uses in-touch-with-the-youth slang like "dudes," "lame," and "indeed") about the myths of the homosexual lifestyle (Myth #3: Gays are capable of love) that's meant to reach out the "confused" youth. And I think it's supposed to be grabbing the attention of the Q kids whose aunts send them this rag with some pretty hot photos.

More after the jump.

hottiethe1.jpgHey, boys like these generally aren't my thing, but then again I'm not the target audience of this propa-article. And I can see how they might think that there are more than a few boys out there that would be flipping through Breakaway, see the boy pics, and stop to read the article that's incidentally attached to them. Perhaps then they'd tear out the pages, keep them under his mattress for further, um, spiritual guidance, and then turn into tormented queens who are sexually attracted to their own internalized homophobia.

So maybe FOTF's plan to provide America's future with quality Southern playwrights?

Either way, This is what appeared after the article JPG's on P1Q's site when I loaded it up:


I feel the urge to print this whole thing out and send it in to a modern art museum.

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I presume the "myth" that gays are capable of "love" refers ONLY to same-sex erotic attraction? Or do "gays" feel "love" towards platonic friends, family members, pets and so on? If they don't then, hey, they really ARE doomed, aren't they?! Then, everyone knows "gays" are only interested in sex. What foul rubbish these people print and how many young minds must they mess with?

I can't believe the lengths some people will go to to push hate and their own narrow minded agenda.

Sad really. Hopefully they will see the truth here and avoid the magazine totally.

And you are surprised by this how?

They might be hate filled narrow minded bigots, but they are not stupid. They know that sex sells, if you want to get a message across then you attach some type of evocative message to attract the attention of your target audience.

We all know gay boys are attracted to beef cake, so what better way to push a message, even a negative one.

And yet again, women's issues are forgotten by the Christian Right. No Lesbian pics.

On a serious note, I have heard far too many times the canard that we are incapable of loving.

I love my wife, totally.

You should see some of the slick propaganda they were handing out at Love Won Out that's aimed for teens. Sickening.

Unfortunately, they may have hit upon something with the tactic.

Probably the hardest thing for me to deal with during my own coming-to-terms and coming-out process was not realizing that being gay was, at it's core, about who I could fall in love with (not just about sexual attraction only). And why did it take so long to come to that realization for me? Mostly thanks to the people like FOTF who are very effective in reinforcing the stereotype that it's all about sex and lust with us.

I remember the moment of my turning-point very well. I was literally crying on the phone with someone at the other end of a crisis help-line saying, "If I can genuinely feel love for another person, how can that possibly be wrong, no matter what sex that other person is?" Once it had finally hit me that I could fall in love with a guy, I was finally ready to turn that corner.