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Earlier this week, I posted about an article in FOTF's Breakaway magazine that attempted to turn the Q(uestioning) boys straight, or at least self-hating, in a convenient myth/fact format. I wrote in parentheses:

Myth #3: Gays are capable of love

To be fair, here's the actual text of Myth #3 (emphasis theirs):

Homosexual relationships are no different from heterosexual ones. Homosexual advocates want their relationships to be treated the same as heterosexual ones, enjoying legal rights to marriage and adoption. And some gay couples really do love each other.

I don't think that my aside was all that different from the intended meaning. I picked #3 because #1 and #2 are actually myths, or at least haven't been substantiated, and are just presented to make it seem like us RHA's are liars.

I've gotta say, I've been at this gay blogging thing for about a year and a half now, and even before that I spent a lot of time reading the American Family Association's website, watching The 700 Club, following several conservative blogs that weren't all that big of fans of the gays, and generally warping my mind. So this week, that there was a Religious Right publication that said completely off-base, nasty things about queers wasn't all that interesting to me and didn't really even register. It didn't really matter, you know, it's just what they do.

Well, judging from a couple of the commenters, it seems like my reaction was once again not that of LGB's in general. A few of you all left some pretty good responses to FOTF's opinion that same-sex love is, like the yeti, a myth.

It's probably the reason that there aren't many Fundie Watch style posts that come out from me on this site since it's become white noise. It's context, it's background, it gives most of what we do here meaning, but, like asking me to follow it is a bit like asking a fish to describe water.

Contrast that to when I hear or read and recognize racism or sexism or anti-semitism or xenophobia, I'm usually pretty shocked. Sometimes I post here about it; usually I just want to scream.

And when I hear homo/trans/bi/queerphobia coming from among the LGBTQ's, it's infuriating. But finding out that Doc Dobson or Pat Robertson doesn't like us? Meh.

So maybe too much of this gay blogging thing has made me a jaded young queen. Maybe it's a coping mechanism - if I really got offended at every homophobic thing I heard, since I read so much queer media and blogging, follow so much conservative media, and come from Carmel, Indiana, I wouldn't have time to sleep, eat, work, or go to the bathroom. Or maybe I just never really cared from the start what someone in Colorado Springs thinks about me.

I dunno, but I don't think I'm the only one.

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I've noticed my own amount of fundie watch posts has dropped considerably lately too. It is almost as if we just expect it now.