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Jeffrey Dahmer was experienced too!

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I know, another "anti-Hillary" strip. And yes, I am prepared for the onslaught of emails proclaiming I "have gone too far."

How is Barack lacking in experience? Surely the sum total of the man's work is more than one speech? Obama has more than eleven years of legislative experience under his belt with most of it in arguably one of the roughest political state arenas - Illinois. Hillary has about eight years.

And no, being First Lady of the United States doesn't count as "experience" to be president. Exactly who would claim Laura Bush has legislative experience? How about Barbara Bush? Nancy Reagan perhaps?

Also, being the First Lady of Arkansas is even less of reason to claim the mantle of experience. I can just see the McCain ad now - "Whitewater - A Resume of Experience."

Hillary does have eight years of experience in government and while there she has been incredibly damaging to the issues I care about. Let's just start with Iraq - bad. Her support of Bush's Iran sanctions, in light of how bad Iraq was, was even worse. No, I require someone with a tad more discernment skills than Hillary has exhibited.

Trade policies? Hillary sure does love to vote for trade policies, to the detriment of the country. That is bad.

Health care in this nation is an out-of-control mess. Hillary's 1992 health plan, while not magic, would have been better than the HMO mess we have now. However, now she has a hard time depositing all the money her health care lobbyists give her. They insist all is well in our emergency rooms, doctor offices and pharmacies nationwide. It is a health care utopia according to her lobbyist friends, pals and donors. For "we the people," not so much. Actually, it is a nightmare.

Just because one is experienced, doesn't mean it is quality experience.

John McCain is an experienced pilot, just not a very good pilot.

I believe Obama is more than a man with a speech, he has managed to accomplish what NO OTHER POLITICIAN in American history has been able to do, bridge the racial divide in America - unite us together and inspire individuals who have become disenchanted with the American political landscape to participate in the process.

Obama's Iowa victory speech concluded with "we are ready to believe again" and his whole speech reminded me of Bobby Kennedy. His Brother John gave one of the most memorable speeches a President has ever given - "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country."

However, "I never had sex with that woman" just doesn't do it for me.

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Funny, but very true. Hillary spent her formative years as a repug, and it shows. And way too much time being a politician. Which, as you pointed out, is just not the same thing as being a leader.

Michael Bedwell hasn't found this thread yet? What gives?

Jerame and I have argued whether or not "First Lady" constitutes "experience." I have to admit, it gives a unique perspective and as involved as she was, she has some experience. There is, however, a big difference between President and President's wife who isn't ultimately in charge...

If we are comparing First Ladies with real Executive experience, Nancy Reagan has them all beat. By all accounts, she ran the Executive Branch in Ronald Reagan's later years in office.

As "first lady" in Arkansas and in the white house, Hillary undoubtedly has a tremendous advantage of experience in campaigning, back room politics, dirty tricks, and political extortion. Unfortunately for America, this experience is what makes her feel she is the most qualified to get things done. I think the American people are getting tired of her and politicians like her. But the fight isn't over yet. She is already looking for ways to get the votes from FL and MI broght back into the equation. And looking for ways to disregard Obama's overwhelming victories in the smaller States where she doesn't have built in backroom advantages. Where it wasn't so important for her to bully or buy support. She has underestimated the American people, and the strength of our voice. We are calling for change, and she just doesn't represent it.

and yes, where is michael? although i rarely agree with his solutions, i always find his arguments intelligent and coherent.