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Jesus f***ing Christ, I've posted 1000 times

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According to the software that runs this site, this post is my 1000th entry on this site.

Insane. Serious insanity.

I couldn't really figure out what to do with this momentous occasion, this testament to my ability to sit around and think about gay stuff all day for over a year. So I guess I'm just spending it as Josh Fruhlinger spent his millenipost, making plans to do something cool (seriously, I had some cool ideas!) but then not following through.

I can't think of a better way to have spent the 500-2000 hours it took to write all those posts. Seriously, there's something about participating in this discussion in epic proportions that makes a person learn a thing or two about writing, about reading, about thinking, and about the queers.

And yeah, this site has helped me score with boys. So it's not such a nerdy endeavor after all.

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Happy 1000th! So, is this like what television shows do when they reach the 100th episode? You get a cake with a 1000 candles on it? If you uses a fire extinguisher to put out the flames, make sure it has editable foam in it.

2000 hours? That's about what a person works in a year at a 40 hr/week job.

Don't make me think of that, Monica! It makes it seem like I've spent a lot of time on this site when you put it that way!

I don't know how much time it took to write all that since each post generally takes 30 min - 2 hours, sometimes less if it's silly, sometimes more if I brood over it or my computer is being slow. But all that time, well, it ain't here anymore. Lots of time.

Congratu f***ing lations!!!!

Party at Alex's house, BYOB !!!
(Bring Your On Boys)

Practice makes perfect, by the time you hit the next thousand you should be a Earnest Hemingway or some such.

Party at Alex's house? Who's paying for the flight to France?

A song for Alex, as he slaves over a hot computer:
"Working in a coal mine, going down, down, down."

(This is fun.)

Flight to France?
No problem. Here is what you do:

Get yourself elected to congress, have a "fact finding" trip to France, and let the tax payers pick up the tab.

Happens all the time!

A song for Alex while he is busy churning out another 1000:

"I get up at seven yeah, I go to work at nine,
got no time for living yeah, I'm workin all the time."

( One of my all time favorite work songs, boy does it date me though.)

When you come back from France can I stand over you with the whip again? You've been slacking off without the proper discipline. *grins*

Congratulations on 1000, Alex. You and I lead the pack by a mile - and you're quickly gaining on me with my 2 year head start!

But seriously - your 1000th post and it's not a clip show? You need to watch more Simpsons to see how this should be done. :)

(I'm honored you chose Bilerico to give 1000 post. We all love you.)

Thanks Monica and diddly! I'll put out the gym mats and grab some condom and lube packets for the BYOB party.

What are you up to, Bil?

Ah, no offense Alex, but I don't feel I'd be "up" for an all-boys party. If you want to put up one of those gym mats in another room for us women, I'd be there. For us, "BYOB" means "Bring your own batteries."

Hmmmmmmm.... I still think gym mats and condoms and lube are necessary (sharing sex toys w/o condoms, um, nasty), but you're right. I'll talk to my neighbors about using this whole floor for the pary.

Yeah, BYOB can also mean Bring Your Own B**ch, so for us womyn, it would be nice if you could accomadate us as well.

And the perfect Whip wielding Bil standing over Alex song:

"Master of puppets I'm pulling your strings,
twisting your mind and smashing your dreams.
Blinded by me, you can't see a thing.
Just call my name, I'll hear you scream
Just call my name, I'll hear you scream

Okay, that is just the chorus, but hey it has rythym.

Got to love old Mettalica
R.I.P. Cliff Burton, we miss ya.

I was thinking more along the lines of Depeche Mode's Master & Servant, diddly...

Reach out and touch faith.

Depeche Mode!

That is such a gay man's band!

Us hard core dykes go for the hard stuff, well with the exception of a little Mellisa on the side.

"Faith," as in reaching out and touching Faith Hill? I could live with that.

Alex, you got Google Map directions to your place? Let's see. Make a hard right at the Statue of Liberty. Follow the Greenland coast line. Turn south over the Loch Ness Monster. Skirt over Big Ben. Then make a quick left at the Eifel Tower and you're there. Sounds simple to me.

Having a passport might prove important.

It's a right at the Eiffel Tower, but that's actually about right.

Call me when you get to the gate of my building since the buzzer's broken and I have to go down to let you all in.

For this, do I have to know how to speak French, or just know how to do French? I need to know if I have to brush up on my Frenching.

Tel est amour.

Mademoiselle Monica

Congratulations Alex and I feel you. I justput post number 700 up on my own blog yesterday

I think we both take offense to that.

(And, the E-Ticket ride goes on and on, without Pirates.)

Glad you're getting ass from the site. It's always nice to have groupies!

Yeah right Bil ;)

Sometimes you get peeps like my two WWBT fans