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Join me in a Bilerico lovefest!

Filed By Dustin Kight | March 05, 2008 8:29 PM | comments

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It's been a particularly long week here at The Bilerico Project, our favorite LGBTQ news and culture blog. (And it's only Wednesday. Boo.)

Most are aware of Bil's recent post about comment threads, netiquette, etc. I'm not going to link back to it here; it's gotten more than enough attention.

So here's the deal. It's time for some cosmic balance, folks. A lot of negativity has been thrown around on here recently, most of which has not been directly aimed at Bilerico, itself.

Still, we need to remind ourselves why questions of comment moderation, readership, comfort levels posting, etc., on this blog gin us up so much. HEY, Bilerico's a great place to be! We care about our queer e-home away from home.

That's why I'm officially declaring this Bilerico Appreciation Day. (To the editors, I apologize if you were already planning a Bilerico Appreciation Day. We'll just have to schedule two.)


Take a minute to leave a comment reflecting on what you like, and only what you like, about Bilerico. It's good for us, it's good for new readers, it's good for karma, global climate change, and in particular it's good for our Dear Editors, who devote so much of their time to this blog, providing us with what I consider to be a vital service to the LGBTQ community.

I'll start.

I love Bilerico because it brings together so many voices -- through contributors, guest posters and commentators alike.

I love that the staffs of organizations with tons of resources and reach in our community are daily in touch with the needs and opinions of people in our community in all corners of the country (and increasingly the globe).

And I love that Bil lets us contributors post different photos of ourselves -- one for the main page, one for our profiles -- because who doesn't love to show more than one side of themselves?

Now it's your turn. Commence the love!

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I love Bilerico because Bil is so darn cute! And that goes for your little dog too!

diddlygrl | March 5, 2008 9:19 PM

I love you all, contributors, edittors, commentors, and of course Bil and Jerame, despite them being guys. ;)

And a happy Ostara to you all, and a merry Beltane too!!!

Battybattybats | March 5, 2008 10:08 PM

I love billerico because it's a one-stop-shop for all the issues that directly concern me that I care about while also having all the issues that indirectly and directly concern me that I don't know about and should care about!

To be an effective ally you need to be informed about the issues of others, about how your own actions may unknowingly and unwittingly be supporting an oppressive system or even directly discriminating. Here I can easilly learn about these issues so I can follow my own struggles and those of everyone else that I should and do care about.

I like this forum because I get to read points of view I might not get to see on issues so keep up the good work! Also ya'all put up with me as im not exactly your average reader here.

Balderdash! Bahh! Humbug! Stage a touchy-feely artsy-fartsy lovefest all you want! ... buzz away you namby-pamby hummingbirds and you saccharine little honeybees ... but once I get good and fed up, I'm unleashing my subdiluvian cavern full of Africanized psychopathic leather-jockstrap-clad amoeba-infected transgender-inclusive polymorphic-perverse vicious four-winged pterodactyloid flying monkeys on the whole cursed lot of you anyway!

(* OK, everyone, chill out ... This was posted tongue-in-cheek ... and you get to guess whose tongue is stuck between what set of cheeks ... *)

I love the variety of contributors, many of whom have inspired me and are counted among my personal heroes.

First off, I LOVE this idea you had Dustin-Brilliant! Put a little positive energy out there and it's bound to start an avalanche of positivity!

Secondly, I LOVE how Bilerico is always looking for the next step in amenities it has to offer it's viewers. Not only do we get amazing cultural and political commentary and analysis but we also get wonderful love and money advice as well.

I also enjoy contributor bios as well.....great to know the context behind the thought


I love that Bil and others have worked hard to get a wide-variety of opinions from across different LGBT communities.

Love? Someone said "love?" You can call me at 678-***-**** OH NO! I'm meltinggggggggg.

"Ding dong, the bitch is dead."

Hello? Anyone there? (tap, tap) Tasting. Tasting. Is this thing on? Damn, and I was going to say something nice. Oh, well.

I love Bilerico for 3 reasons:
1) Content-the posts here are top drawer, the writers bring insight, outrage, humor, and reason to a tremendous variety of subjects.
2) Diversity-there are a lot of regular posters here that have their fingers and minds into a huge variety of issues, ideas, and news within the LGBTQ community. Too many sites seem to get stuck and revolve around only a few issues or a narrow segment of news; Bilerico seems to have a much wider bandwidth of coverage.
3) Class - All the posters here present their above mentioned insight, outrage, humor, and reason with a sense of decorum and class, to the point where we are even discussing the levels of decorum in comments. Most places either moderate the heck out of stuff, or throw in the towel to flamewars on unmoderated comments. Bilerico is the best.

Great idea Dustin. I love Bilerico because there are a lot of funny, smart people on this site.

I LOVE Bilerico because:
Bil and many contributors are from the Midwest and bring their heartland good vibes and open minds to the Project;
Bil and editors gather together an all-star cast of contributors;
I learn so much every day about what is on the minds of our movement mavens;
I always see something funny and sometimes slightly unnerving from the wide wide world of LGBTQ culture.

Thank you for doing this wonderful work every day!

Sue Hyde