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Florida's gay governor Charlie Crist seems to have a girlfriend:

For months, Gov. Charlie Crist has insisted that New York socialite Carol Rome is just "a friend," but Tuesday night at a soiree in the Governor's Mansion, he introduced her as "my girlfriend," says the Tallahassee Democrat, which snapped the picture above.

The always fab Howie Klein insists that Crist didn't mean it "in the gay sense" and wonders if there's any connection between this development and rumors that McCain is thinking of Crist as a VP nom.

It's interesting to me the way that some queers use the closet to have access to power (even though they're doing it less so every day), and, considering the unstable nature of discourse and the fact that the closet is a discursive creation, it's fun to watch it play out in this situation.

Do I think that McCain will pick Crist as a VP? Not at all. He's going to pick a white, Protestant male with more Religious Right cred than he has and is completely heterosexual, and not in the Ted Haggard sense. Crist fails the last two.

But I think that if McCain did, then Crist's secret would be safe with the press, considering their penchant for criticizing gay men's sex lives more than straight men's, their assumption that a gay man who strives to remain quiet about his sex life is as good as straight, and their near-psychotic bias in favor of McCain.

Either way, I'd love to know what Crist is thinking here. He already won a statewide office in Florida - what's he trying to prove?

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Michael Bedwell | March 7, 2008 3:24 PM

Belated attention is being paid to the fact that compassionate conservative McCain, having recently publicly rimmed leading religio-homohating fascist John Hagee, also went down on another one in February—Ohio's Rod Parsley, thus packing his Straight Political Whore Express with such demagogues on his way to the famous GOP "Big Tent." Here are some video samples of Parsley at his melodramatic finest:

Don't let the transparently phony theocratic theatrics fool you. For those unfamiliar with him, Parsley is highly influential and is credited with gifting Bush with Ohio [and, thus, the election] in 2004, the same year they banned gay marriage equality in their constitution.

QUESTION FOR ALL: If a candidate for the Forces of Evil [read Repugs] ever did pick a running mate who you had evidence was closeted gay—what do you think the community's response should be? Anticipating the caveat for some—presume that said closet case had no record of directly gay bashing himself.


He could be bisexual.

queer is queer is queer. and i don't mean that in a bad way. i don't know if i am gay anymore or straight, but no matter how you look at it i am queer.

back to the question. hmmmmm! i would not out him or her, under any circumstance. that is up to the individual. i feel sorry for those that do not come out on their own. as far as the repugs, they are not all homophobic. some even believe in equal rights for our community. as a community, i would suggest voting on platform and character. stick with the issues and away from emotion. remember, hitler won a popular vote, even though most of his ideas bordered on insanity, with some crossing the border. he appealed to nationalism and patriotism. kind of like little w. way off topic.

ok Crist probaly never was on the list to be VP but I must have missed that bit of drama about the girl friend remark. As Tallahasse news is local for me here in South Georgia 1 of my local TV stations is based of of there.Theres more talk of our Governer Sunny Purdue being on the list after all this is his last term in office and Crist has just strated his first one. Then the dream or nightmare ticket depending on your point of view is McCain and Condi Rice as his VP.

diddlygrl | March 8, 2008 3:17 AM

I wouldn't mind Condi, my nightmare would be Huckabee, which from a political point of view would be the perfect choice for McCain if he is looking for cred with the RR.

If he has married to a woman and goes out hand-holding publicly with one, I'll believe him to be straight until some concrete evidence is offered to the contrary.

Seriously, why the speculation? Does anyone here care for some presumed closet case to represent our community? I'd be ashamed if he were a part of the community. A closeted gay man for VP in my books is just as bad as a straight, homophobic one.

A closeted gay man for VP in my books is just as bad as a straight, homophobic one.

I completely agree. I'd work to out him.