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Note on "Fundie Endorsement Watch"

Filed By Alex Blaze | March 22, 2008 7:12 AM | comments

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Yeah, that item definitely slipped through the cracks here, and it shouldn't have.

Generally we don't do the "Fundie Watch" posts around all that much at Bilerico, and contributors choose for themselves what they want to post about. But it's my job to make sure that important items don't get forgotten or ignored because no one has the urge to post on them, and on this one I dropped the ball.

Waymon and I were emailing back and forth yesterday, and we came to the conclusion that, while Obama sleeping or Clinton watching TV are infinitely more interesting than John "As Much Personality as Oatmeal" McCain doing anything, we need to keep an eye on how the Religious Right is rallying behind McCain, how he continues the Republican tradition of using evangelicals for votes and corporate interests for money, and how the media tries their best to ignore all of this.

Michael Crawford will be posting later today with a bit more on John Hagee, and he posted yesterday about Rod Parsley's endorsement of McCain. Waymon will have something up later this weekend on another endorsement from a fundamentalist activist he knows more than he'd like to.

Yes, Waymon, Crawford, and I, as well as any other Bilerico contributor who wants to jump in on the Fundie Endorsement Watch, are the vast left-wing queer conspiracy.

Watch out for the sissies, John!

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So does this mean you, Waymon and Michael are having a three-way today with Christian fundamentalists?


Viva la queer conspiracy!

Seriously though, while the Democratic race is interesting, we cannot ignore McCain and his steady rise in support from the religious-right. His pandering to the fundie vote is reaching a fevered pitch and I refuse to give him a free pass like the 24 hour news stations have.

dut da da dut dut, dut da da! It is Queer Man, come to the rescue! Cloaked in his mighty purple cape, and fashionably attired in rainbow hued leotards.... Queer Man has come to save the day. Cleverly forwarding and sspousing the gay agenda, Queer Man will secure equal rights for all Americans.

Well, we really do have comic book villains trying to destroy the American Way.... you know...freedom, justice, equality...

There are a couple of other McCain related stories we've dropped the ball on this week. Like the fact that some low-level staffers in the State Department accessed Obama's passport records and leaked the info to the McCain campaign. The McCain staffer who leaked the info to the internet was suspended (not fired) and the State Department employees in question have been fired. But nothing has been referred to the Justice Department. What's that all about?

Serena, actually, all three canidates have had their passport files accessed illegally. They had a news story on ABC about it, the clean version at least.

This isn't just a threat to the queer community, but also to the moderate christians and america in general. History has shown often enough that christian is more than willing to turn on christian over some vague doctrinal matter. Once they take care of the queers, then they will go after the witches and non-christians(though the jews will get a pass this time.), then the "heretics" within their own faith.

If anyone even mentions a constitutional convention, run, do not walk, to the nearest exit.

Michael Bedwell | March 22, 2008 9:14 PM

Totally support the ongoing project, but respectfully submit ya need to come up with a more forceful and factually flexible title by replacing "Fundie" with something else. No punch to it. And, factually speaking, all Fundies aren't created equal, nor is everyone who would conceptually fit in the category a theologically conservative Protestant. For every Janet Folger or John Hagee there are thousands of Fundies who aren't on the frontlines. And there are, e.g., Methodist versions of Folger, Episcopal, Catholic, and Jewish versions whose different theological associations remove them from being lumped under a "Fundie" title. Even if the Pope endorsed American Presidential candidates, it wouldn't make any sense to call it a "Fundie Endorsement."

Regret that too many have given up on the word "fascist" simply because too many have used it too frequently to describe anyone who disagrees with them. Almost everyone uses the word "love" too much in other contexts but we haven't abandoned it.

Given that these are religionist fascists, I've always thought "American Taliban" describes them best. While strictly speaking the noun refers to a Muslim sect, I believe it more immediately connotes, to people in the West, "bullying religious extremist who tries to cut down anyone who disagrees with them" than anything else.

Call them what they are, theocrats.

Though they are quick to hide behind 'seperation of church and state', when it suits them, they are also quick to point out that america was founded as a 'christian' nation.

Of course before we slaughtered most of them, it was first a pagan country, made up of the different tribes of indigenous people who lived here. Many of the tribes along the east coast formed confederations that were in their own way as sophisticated as any country in europe.

For the long form, call them Facist Theocratic Thugs, Ftt, for short