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Oklahoma Families Ask to Meet with Sally Kern

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Tomorrow in Oklahoma City, families from across the state will converge on the capitol rotunda and call on Representative Sally Kern to come out from her office and meet the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender loved ones of her constituents. In conjunction with the Oklahoma City chapter of Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG), these families will send Kern a powerful message that her recent anti-gay tirade wasn't just offensive, but was personally hurtful to Oklahomans who believe in full equality for everyone.

Whether Kern will agree to meet with these families, and hear their stories, is anyone's guess, but what is certain is this: If Representative Kern had doubts about whether her district includes GLBT Oklahomans, this will put those doubts to rest. And if Kern declines to meet with the very people she has been elected to represent, she, too, will send a strong message . . . that she doesn't intend to even consider, or hear from, the very people she is sworn to serve.

Tuesday's rally will begin at noon, and PFLAG's Oklahoma City chapter president - Rev. Loyce Newton-Edwards - will be among those calling on Kern to sit down with Oklahoma families and apologize for - or, at the very least, explain - her comments.

As Rev. Newton-Edwards recently said, "As a person of faith, and a member of the clergy, I am concerned that Representative Kern has forgotten the adage of 'love thy neighbor as thyself.' As a citizen of Oklahoma, I am troubled that she has seemingly prioritized attacking our families over tackling the many challenges our state faces."

In a statement to be read at tomorrow's rally, PFLAG says that, "Representative Kern's remarks undermine our nation's commitment to 'liberty and justice for all,' and do a great disservice to our families and communities. Every Oklahoman, and every American, deserves a public servant who believes in the dignity of all our children and who refuses to take part in divisive and counter-productive attacks on our families. Words matter, and Representative Kern's statement sent a clear message that she condones second-class citizenship for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. Her remarks disrespect our GLBT loved ones, dishonor the service of nearly 10,000 lesbian and gay veterans in Oklahoma and disregard her duty to uphold our country's most noble values. Representative Kern owes her constituents an explanation, and our families an apology."

There's no doubt that the most powerful motivator in getting that apology - and that opportunity for Representative Kern to meet her GLBT constituents and their loved ones - is to have families in her district stand up and speak out. If Kern won't meet with them, she has even more explaining to do.

If you are in the Oklahoma City area, please join PFLAG's local chapter tomorrow, from noon until 1pm, at the State Capitol 1st Floor Rotunda.

Together, we can all make sure Representative Kern understands how harmful - and far-reaching - her comments really were.

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does anyone remember the scene from "mr. and mrs. smith" where brad pitt discovers that angelina jolie has looted his cache in the garage? only one word escapes his lips.

when i think of sally kern, i feel the same reaction.


Whether Kern will agree to meet with these families, and hear their stories, is anyone's guess...

Um, my guess is "No." Just sayin'... She won't even call Ellen back!

Having walked in the gay communities shoes for several years AND several years ago surrending CONTROL OF MY LIFE to my God and my savior Jesus Christ 3 and a half years ago I can wholeheartly say WITHOUT OFFENSE that you can: LOVE THE PERSON AND STILL CALL WRONG WRONG! Homosexuality is something YOU DO and that something you do IS WRONG. Sally Kern is bold and caring to stand up in spite of intense opposition and speak the truth. It is only by women and men of her boldness and honesty that I stand here today...forgiven and set free from homosexuality!

"Sally Kern is bold and caring to stand up in spite of intense opposition and speak the truth."

The truth? The truth according to whom?

I hope you and the Jesus are happy-ever-after but there are close to 3000 practiced religions in our secular nation (pssst...that includes Oklahoma), none of which are given preference in our Constitution and for a very good reason.

If Sally Kern Chooses to proselytize from her public office using some variation of the New Testament, her constituency is being grossly under served -homosexual or not.

really spunk? do you have to do something wrong to be gay? and is physical love wrong? sigh..... did you give up control of your life, or control of your mind?

be who you are, be true to yourself, be free to love. those really are good things. hating yourself - and others -is what brings pain to this world. and that is what really mocks the teachings of jesus christ, for whatever it is worth.

sally kern is vicious and hateful. bitch is a kind description. her words are an abomination of christ's teachings.

It is, I believe, always a good idea to "put a face on it" - which this accomplishes.

It's easier to hate an abstract "thing" - a group or class of people who remain faceless and who don't intrude on your self-perpetuating hatred with the reality that they (whoever "they" are) are simply other human beings with as much right to sexual freedom as every other human being on this earth.

While it's quite possible that Kern will not respond at all, the effort is not wasted because it is visible to others around the country and who knows what other official will take note and think twice or maybe even three times before making such hideous comments.

Spunk was a drive-by poster, he won't stick around. His kind do not believe in debate or discussion, only prostelysing.

They are right, we are wrong, Jesus tells him so, case closed.

Goddess knows people like that need the jaws of life just to take a crap.