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Oklahoma paper publishes unhinged Kern letter to the editor

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Note to readers: Oklahomans for Equality and Cimarron Alliance are on the frontlines as Wildmon's American Family Association, the Family Resource Council, the Thomas More Law Center and the rest of the professional "Christian" set are backing Kern. A "Christian Free Speech" rally in her Kern's defense will be held at the state capital on Wed. Laura Belmonte president, OkEq is grateful for the advice and letters/calls of support, but you probably won't be surprised that between OkEq and Cimarron -- the two largest and oldest LGBT rights groups in Oklahoma -- there are only 2.5 staff members with tiny combined annual budgets, with volunteers trying to effect change -- help them out if you can.

It appears that State Rep. Sally Kern is desperately trying to rally her base with behavior and commentary even more asinine and hateful -- if that is even possible.

In a local publication, The Bethany (OK) Tribune, there is a letter to the editor under her name that is completely off the deep end.

The letter, full of the anti-gay junk science again:

Here are some facts for my recent comments about the homosexual agenda. Health Issues: According to the CDC, men who have sex with men (MSM) have an HIV prevalence 60 times higher than the general population. The CDC found that MSM comprise only 1-2 percent of the population yet account for 64 percent of all syphilis cases. "The International Journal of Epidemiology" states that the mortality rate for those engaging in homosexual relations before age 20 have their life expectancy reduced by as much as 30 years. The CDC found both Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B disproportionately affects MSM. The study "The Longevity of Homosexuals" found that the average lifespan for lesbians is only slightly higher than that of homosexual men.

Homosexuals insist they are born gay, yet a study by Dr. Neil Whitehead and Briar Whitehead on various cultures states: "If homosexuality were influenced by genes, it would appear in every culture, but in 29 of 79 cultures surveyed in 1952, homosexuality was rare or absent." Regarding homosexual couples and domestic violence, a recent study by the Canadian government states that "violence was twice as common among homosexual couples compared with heterosexual couples." The American College of Pediatricians cites studies (that report), "Violence among homosexual partners is two to three times more common than among married heterosexual couples."

The homosexual agenda's influence on education is evident from their own organization's literature. Re-authorization of the federal Head Start program assesses children based on the radical ideas of the National Association for the Education of Young Children. Head Start curricula and assessments include gender issues, diversity and multiculturalism. A homosexual advocacy group, Safe Schools Coalition, has books for ages 2 to 8 promoting homosexuality, bisexuality and transgenderism.

The book, "Tackling Gay Issues in Schools," for K-12 gives teachers reasons for including homosexual, bisexual and transsexual lifestyles in schools. The Gay Straight Alliance offers instruction on teaching homosexuality in every subject. The Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network (GLSEN) has materials promoting the homosexual lifestyle. The National Education Association is sending all 16,000 public school districts in the U.S. a 24-page pro-homosexual booklet telling students that homosexuality is normal. "It's Elementary" is a training video used in schools to persuade children that the homosexual lifestyle is normal. There is a homosexual agenda in our schools.

Anyone who thinks there is no homosexual agenda need only look here in Oklahoma to the newly formed Equal Rights Project created to help elect candidates by bridging the gay/straight community. The Equal Rights Project states "We felt we were uniquely qualified to help those running in the South and the Bible Belt. Running in these communities is much different than in California and New York. Our idea was to train, educate and support all candidates who support equal rights for all."

Homosexuals are already citizens who have equal rights. They want "special rights" for the acceptance of their deviant lifestyle. I'm thankful that Oklahoma is different than California and New York. I pray it stays that way.

Sally Kern, District 84
Oklahoma State Representative

The Tribune, by the way, according to its web site, is "a community leader and advocate" published by former journalism teacher and Putnam City school board member Gloria Quaid. The paper can be contacted here, where you can also submit a letter to the editor.


Oklahoman Michael Heaton actually went to hear Mrs. Kern at a meeting of the University of Central Oklahoma's College Republicans the other night. About 75 people showed up to watch Sally Kern let her religious bigotry flag fly high.

The best stuff was during the Q&A when she called those who did not believe in Christianity, "infidels," and that Islam is a real danger to America because Christianity is the only path to salvation, and that if we doubted the "Homosexual lifestyle" was bad for people's health, all we had to do was look at the CDC website. Likewise, If we doubted that gays are indoctrinating kids in school, just Google search "homosexual agenda" and behold the proof that pops up. Additionally, she really did seem to lay it on Islam rather hard tonight, even though she couldn't even pronounce the word "Sharia." I had to help her out with that one from the audience. (Just wait for the audio).

She was well challenged during the Q&A, and she only got one softball question that I counted. When given the opportunity (again) to apologize, she refused, and at least two students got up, left, and flipped her off on the way out. I'm glad they gave her their best gay face.

He has a lot more to say about the event -- read the rest.

More on Sally Kern:
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Oklahloma is nowhere (I used to live there) and Putnam City is nowhere in the middle of nowhere.

Kern is nobody, even in Oklahoma. She's trying to save her political life by cutting and pasting right-wing boilerplate hate.

But I don't care about that!

Let's not be John Kerrys here and let the lies and hate go unchallenged.

We won't be done until we're done -- until Kern can't open her mouth or start up her computer without decent people everywhere snickering and pointing at her her as an example of something we've all outgrown.

We won't be done until we're done.

Resist now and keep resisting until Kern's political viability is a nasty little grease spot.

Rev. Bob

My question is, can anyone even find these statistics that she is quoting?

A lot of what she is talking about can be found on International Journal of Epidemiology. They are also stating that people are using the info wrong, and quoting wrong. The current letter I found was dated 2001. The original study was done in the late 80's and early 90's. Much has changed since then.

Some of the info gathered includes, gay men that died in car crashes, murder, suicide, accidental death etc...

The homosexual agenda: I found almost 7 million web pages with the words, Homosexual and Agenda. To no surprise most that I clicked on were "Christian" based. Others were:

The Homosexual Agenda:
• 6 a.m. -- Gym
• 8 a.m. -- Breakfast (oatmeal, egg whites and mimosas)
• 9 a.m. -- Hair appointment
• 10 a.m. -- Shopping (preferably at Nordstrom's or Saks)
• 12 p.m. -- Brunch
• 2 p.m. --
1) Assume complete control of the U.S. federal, state and local governments
2) Destroy all healthy marriages
3) Replace all school counselors in grades K-12 with agents of Colombian and Jamaican drug cartels
4) Bulldoze all houses of worship
5) Secure total control of the Internet and all mass media
6) Be fabulous

• 2:30 p.m. -- Mud mask and 40 winks of beauty rest to prevent facial wrinkles from the stress of world conquest
• 4 p.m. -- Cocktails
• 6 p.m. -- Light dinner (soup, salad with romaine, radicchio, arugula and balsamic vinaigrette dressing, and Pouilly Fuisse)
• 8 p.m. -- Theater
• 10:30 p.m. -- "Do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight."
• 12:00 a.m. -- Bed

In regions where they say there are no Homosexuals: People would be killed for coming out, jailed, beaten, tortured etc...
Sounds like a good reason to lie to the census taker.

It is the typical stupid way that people like her use info wrong, and for their own gain.

Wow. She just won't quit with the homophobia. I wonder where all this is coming from....

She makes Jerry Falwell look moderate.

Their trying to make this into a free speech issue is just pathetic. She is showing the world the fanatical face of the ridiculous right. Her spite and vitriol is so obviously something that comes from within, and not any type of true christian teaching or witnessing. She has now become a parody of all the hate spewing bigots who have, over the years, attacked the LGBT community.

Let her speak, the more she does, the worse they look.

Not really, diddles. Unlike LGBTs, the average heterosexuals are actually rather vulnerable to these bouts of misinformation; and since the media cares very little for calling her to task on the grounds of accuracy and validity, quite a number, if not the majority, of heterosexuals let it skew their views.

I think you're giving to much credit to "fellow" heterosexuals.

I ♥ Sally Kern. She's doing our job for us by just being her usual bigoted self.

This is abuse of power. Elected officials must represent all, not just a select group based on their religious belief. In this case even if her upbringing probably stems from being raised from a family out of ” Deliverance ” it still would not justify her behavior

Sally’s husband is a prominent baptist minister, contact info is below. This behavior that she can do no wrong and is above others classic narcissist, which is common with preachers and their family, they are used to living off others without judgement or accountability, if she had thought, and apologized or allowed herself to be the least introspective things would be different but I don't plan to stop here. Let's go farther and let’s get her removed.

Sally Kern is a disgrace and needs to resign immediately, interesting to find her Husband is a ” Man of God ” a Baptist minister, so if his views are the same, the most hurtful act they would perpetuate is Spiritual Shame, very damaging to kids.Her husband Dr. Steve Kern @ Olivet Baptist Church’s email is [email protected]
I am interested in his opinion. Sally’s contact info below
Capitol Address:
2300 N. Lincoln Blvd.
Room 332
Oklahoma City, OK 73105
(405) 557-7348
District Address:
2713 Sterling Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73127
[email protected]

Keep up the fight