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Peeing on Technology

Filed By Serena Freewomyn | March 29, 2008 3:11 PM | comments

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When I saw this commercial last night for the new Clear Blue Easy pregnancy test, I almost had an asthma attack I was laughing so hard.

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First of all, why is there a dude talking on the pregnancy test commercial? This ad is totally masculine. It seems like an ad for a Gillete Mach 3 razor. MORE POWER! RAH! Does a pregnancy test REALLY need to be this butch?

Secondly, this commercial came on during "Sex and the City," right after a scene where Carrie and Miranda go shopping for pregnancy tests. Does watching the show mean I have a risk of getting knocked up? Cuz that kind of cancels out the benefit of being a lesbo.

I'm also a little offended when the dude says, "so advanced, it's easy." What? Is peeing on a stick really so hard that our tiny, little feminine brains can't handle it?

Whatever. I hope you laugh your asses off as much as I did.

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This is funny and gross all at the same time.

Do I really need to see a stream of pee hitting the stick? Ugh.

This is hilarious. Are they for real?

This is totally what a man would come up with to sell pregnancy tests. Are women in general as obsessed with peeing on things as we are?

I just kinda would expect to see something like this on SNL instead of for reals. But maybe the joke was very intentional.

Perhaps the target audience is men. "Honey, I've been throwing up all morning. I think you knocked me up, Mr. it-doesn't-feel-the-same-with-condoms. Get your ass down to the drug store and bring me back a pregnancy test."

It's not that hard for me to imagine lots of reasons a guy might be shopping for a pregnancy test rather than just women.

Oh Alex, we just want to piss on pregnancy tests and men, not neccesarily in that order.

But really, is it better to be pissed on, rather than pissed off?

Only a guy would know for sure.

Jere, good point. I hadn't even thought of that. So when will the tampon commercials aimed at men be coming out?

As for being pissed on, I'm gonna vote no. That's just kinda one of my issues. That, and shitting. But hey . . . whatever floats your boat.

so maybe the voice over was for the benefit of guys like thomas eaton? not really. IMHO, they just loved the punch line about the most sophisticated piece of technology that you will ever pee on. and only a guy would say something like that. but really, as a woman the whole ad just turned me off. i already forget the name of the product. but then again, i might have old timers disease.

Well, barring certain miracles of a divine nature, my need for a pregnancy test is pretty much nil, so beyond the haha factor, I didn't pay much attention to this or any other ads of this nature.

Call me mis-informed, but I don't think transwomen get pregnant all that often.

well, we might not diddly. but it can concern us. i am a grandma, you know.

tobyhannabill | March 30, 2008 4:10 PM

It wasn't too long ago that I was laughing at the commercials with the housewife in an evening gown with ear rings and high heels dusting. I thought I was the only one who dressed like that to clean my house. Much to the dismay of my neighbors because I'm a sixfoot tall black man.