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Queer music Friday - The Butchies

Filed By Alex Blaze | March 28, 2008 5:00 PM | comments

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Kaia's vocals are so hot.... Here's the Butchies' "Send Me You":

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And lead singer Kaia Wilson on when she got involved in queer issues:

Pre-teen years, 12 and 13. That's when I would adamantly defend queers while being totally closeted and freaked out about my own ... how shall I say ... tendencies? I'm kidding, I hate that word. I was a big 'ol dyke and I knew it since I was 4.

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Good find, Alex! I LOVE the Butchies!

OMG! I LOVE the Butchies! They're so fucking hawt! I went to see them a while ago when they came to Tempe and I had to put a restraining order on myself.

Waymon, you're such a dyke wannabe!

That was just what I needed! Bonus trivia: Kaia was the first out lesbian I ever met.

(I'm having trouble submitting comments even when logged in. Weird.)

Seriously, Kaia makes me wish I were a lesbian. I originally typed that she was so hot, but then I was like, that's kinda sexist. So I changed it to her vocals, which is also true.

Seriously, this is a great band.

Are they still being protested and boycotted for their support of the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival's anti-trans policies?


Not bad, better than some of the other things you have posted recently.

Kaia is pretty hot, love that hair style of hers.

What, diddly, you didn't like Whore's Mascara? I can't imagine why....

I don't know about that, Nick. It's been 7 years.

Some of the recent ones haven't been up to snuff, I agree. That Whore's Mascara one was awful; I'll bet some weirdo sent it in. *grins*

I don't know the butchies, but they reminded me of the band from Serial Mom - the Cameltoes. The music was rather similar, I thought.

Well I don't even think they're playing together anymore.

But the MWMF policy still stands.

Whore's Mascara wasn't bad, but it was hard to relate to the words, since I have never really had a desire for a cute blond boy. It was just too gay, rather than lesbian. Hard to connect with the message. The music wasn't bad though.

As for MWMF, I doubt their policy will ever make any difference to me, since I can get all the live music I want, and generally the same bands come through here.

One of the benefits of living in the "Live music capital of the world", as Austin likes to call itself.

It is a shame that they have such an exclusive policy, since it in a sense is a denial of a transwomyn's femininity and right to belong. It marks us as "other", reinforcing the gender binary that so many people in the lesbian and queer community say they are trying to tear down.

Some people just can't really see beyond the box.