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The pro-family movement failed

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Pregnancy discrimination claims are up 40% from 1998. Dana Goldstein also writes:

Shallenbarger also writes that many American women, until they get pregnant, have no idea that they are entitled to no paid leave under current law. Indeed, a study from Harvard University last year found that of 168 nations worldwide, the United States is one of only four whose government doesn't require employers to provide paid maternity leave. The others are Lesotho, Papua New Guinea and Swaziland.

What a great club to be in! Matthew Yglesias adds this witty comment:

That's shocking stuff, especially considering the way the country spent 2003-2006 under the unrestrained rule of the country's pro-family political party. It's almost as if all that talk about religion and children is just a mask for an agenda of ruthless corporate exploitation leavened by the occasional dose of anti-gay hysteria and they don't really care about American families at all!

Oh, but they do care about American families, making sure they don't get any pleasure from sex, raise their children to be good workers, keep women oppressed, and spend their money on things they don't need.

You can't worry about little things like maternity leave or making sure pregnant women can keep their jobs so that they can eat when you have those bigger fish to fry!

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I have to admit, I had no idea. None. I thought it was paid.

Bil, some companies offer paid maternity leave as an added perk. But most women end up taking temporary disability so that they can have at least a percentage of their salary while they are out on maternity leave. The only protection women have under the law is that a company can't fire you while you are out on maternity leave. That's all you get.

This is especially burdensome on low income families, who usually work for companies that do not pay during maternity leave, and generally try their best to get around the law and find a reason to let the woman go.

It is sad that the "greatest" country on earth can't take care of it's own people.