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The video Hillary does NOT want you to see

Filed By Bil Browning | March 08, 2008 11:38 AM | comments

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Okay, this was too funny to pass up. Isn't the resemblance striking? Absolutely amazing.

iPhone users: Click to watch

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okay, not only was it not funny, or even remotely worth the thirty seconds of my life it took to watch it, you have to please explain why you put it up there.

Because it's amazing that there is a dead Mexican woman who looks just like Hillary Clinton did when Bill first ran for President. It's absolutely amazing. They always say everyone has a twin somewhere in the world, but...

And you have to admit - Hillary is the exact opposite of the booty shaking Monica Adaro. The juxtaposition between the two is really humorous.

But don't worry, Sara. If I found a twin for Barack who was a Ukranian gay stripper, I'd put up that video too. :) It's not a Hillary thing!

um... bil? still lost. completely.

but you know what? it's okay. I'm fine being lost.

and you look for that obama video. look long and hard. keep busy.

Oh, Bil. Monica's Peruvian.

And how do we know she's dead? I can't find anything on that.

Culitos! Que ricos! Pero prefiero los culos de... muchachOs!

I've never seen Hillary's ass, so I can't say that I see a resemblance.

Michael Bedwell | March 9, 2008 1:34 PM


Drenched in misogyny, the integrity of Bil Browning was found mutilated and unrecognizable yesterday under a sign that read, "The video Hillary Does NOT want you to see."

Admirers of Browning, an Indianapolis resident with a reputable career as a local LGBT activist and political consultant, expressed shock. He has been trying to build his personal blog into one that is respected, taken seriously, and financially successful. Supporters led Blogland investigators, unable to understand Browning’s initial incoherent response when questioned, to investigate the possibility that his site, which has reported previous efforts to damage it by Net saboteurs, might have been hacked by someone like Rush Limbaugh who once illustrated "The White House Dog" with a picture of 13-yr. old Chelsea Clinton or Don Imus whose description of Sen. Clinton as a "buck-tooth witch" is among his milder characterizations of her or Ann Coulter who has suggested the former First Lady is a "dyke."

After discovering that Browning had written, "I can honestly say that I've met very few women who were bigger bitches," they returned to their original theory that it was an attempt at integrity suicide. Reports that Browning had recently....