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Two Gay Guys: Older, Wiser, Gayer

Filed By Brent Hartinger | March 15, 2008 7:00 PM | comments

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Michael and I discuss what it means to get older. Wait, it's not boring! I promise!

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Very nice video. It's a relief to find that being older has many upsides. I don't know about you guys, but Euell Gibbons still feels groovily "now" to me. Seriously, I am baffled by the whole passage of time thing.

you call 43 older? oy gevalt! how old will you be in 20 years? 49?

Okay - I'm under 40 by just a few years and I didn't get the reference either! LOL

And I want to know which one of you is Bert and which is Ernie. I'm guessing Brent is Ernie. *grins* No wonder I feel like I've known you for forever...

I don't know about those old queens who go to bars and get ignored. Maybe because I just don't do bar culture or something, but the around 40-year-old queers I've known don't have much of a problem finding a younger boy.

I don't have statistics on this. I wonder if same-sex relationships are more likely to be inter-generational. It sure feels like they are.

I love this posting! As an over forty gay male, I can honestly say life has gotten better with age. Because I personally prefer older men, even when I was a "twink," I now find men in my age group to be very attractive. They are also much more interesting to talk to and be with, which wasn't the case twenty years ago. The only guys in my age group I don't really like are those shallow ones who still chase 20 year old "fresh meat."

I half to admit though my one fear when I was young about getting older was the loss of the sex drive. Sadly men peak at 18. Yes, my sex drive has done a horrible decline since then. Now after I pasted 40 my sex drive has declined to about what it was when I was 17! ;-)

I'm not 40--I'm 36. Life did get a lot easier when I stopped caring about what people thought. I could never do that at 22, so that part is very true. You're not really living if you're living to fulfill other people's expectations.

Brent and Michael, thanks for saying all this. It sooooo needs to be said. And one of the best things you did was said without words -- the magnificent old trees in the background. Imagine -- tourists travel thousands of miles to see ancient redwoods with their gnarly bark. But how about the gnarly beauty of old people?

patricia, shame! you aren't calling those two young children old, now are you?