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Two Gay Guys: When Gays Attack!

Filed By Brent Hartinger | March 28, 2008 6:33 PM | comments

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Tags: As the World Turns, Brent Hartinger, HIV/AIDS, Philadelphia, Two Gay Guys

Our latest vlog, on the controversy over the lack of same-sex kissing on As the World Turns, and on the effectiveness of certain kinds of "attack" political activism.

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That's an interesting perspective, and you're right, it's better than no gay story-line at all, but they did specifically turn away the camera at the gay kiss, if I remember correctly. It's like they set the whole thing up to let us down.

ooooh - you gay guys are an impatient and angry lot! but when it is all said and done, ten of you put together are no match for one angry trans woman. hell hath no fury....

I agree with Alex, this is an interesting perspective on the issue, and shows a well considered and thoughtful approach to the subject.

But then, I am not one to talk since I don't watch the soaps, and really do not care about seeing two guys kiss.

Now if it were a couple of hot women, thats another story.

I agree, we should respect the show and praise them for the risks they have taken. At the same time it is important to continue to apply pressure on shows like ATWT, to balance out the pressure on the other end for them to write out the characters altogether.

hey brent! i am pleased that you understand my sense of humor - not everyone does. really, though - i really enjoy your videos. they are always very sweet, even this one where you guys are supposedly mad. and i always enjoy seeing you and your honey kiss... i guess i am a sucker for love, and you guys just show it. naturally. so who needs a television show? stay true, and be well... and give your sweetie a hug for me too!