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Today's gratitude list:

+Cindy and Katrina for their sweet & generous contributions to the Keep SFinX's Website Alive Fund. The amazing, incredible Jordan for providing SFinX with free webhosting so we don't hafta deal with huge bills, um, ever again. You're all rockstars.

+Robert for being a dirty old man and fairy godmother. Carol for being a fairy godmother and a dirty old man.

+Guy, Lori, and Steven, for being such amazing people and for making me feel so welcome in their home and community.

+Yalith, for always being up for an adventure, and for being such a generous and compassionate friend.

+Aidan, for being the best housemate I could ever ask for, and for always listening and responding with just the right amount of empathy and sarcasm.

+The community I've found here, in general.

+MCC-SF and counterparts -- esp. Mitulski, and Paul Fairley's stable health and upcoming visit next weekend.

+Patti Smith, for the album Easter, and for the poem "Easter," too.

+Both of my amazing jobs.

+Mattilda, for being so honest and so awesome, and for looking so good in plaid.

+Tobi, for being so sweet, so dear, and so direct.

+Jakob, for always being up for talking about sex and god with me.

+The opportunity to travel back to the eastcoast very soon.

+Toni, for the opportunity to teach & write with him in April.

+The absolute abundance of love, sweetness, connection, and beauty in my life at the moment.

+Improved body image. Amazing beautiful weather. My new glittery grey kneesocks with multi-colored hearts and little guns on them. My newly purple hair. Easter candy for half-off today. My hot pink sheets and Princess Bondage Bed. Arlene TextaQueen's amazing art on my walls. Lynda Barry. My favorite silver flats. Alison Bechdel's forthcoming book. Making fun of Star Trek with Jordan. Elvis Costello. Kissing.


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