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Chelsea Clinton Goes to a Gay Bar; Gays Go Wild

Filed By Michael Crawford | April 22, 2008 9:52 AM | comments

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Am I the only gay that really could care less if Chelsea shows up to mingle at a gay bar? It is not like she has done anything ever to advance GLBT civil rights. She simply showed up at a gay bar to ask gay voters to vote for her mother. Big whoop!

Are we really that starved for straight approval that we will sing hosannas to anyone who shows their face in a gay bar?

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Don Sherfick Don Sherfick | April 22, 2008 10:31 AM

From a fellow Obama supporter, point well taken, Michael. And yet, I remember a time all that long ago where the thought of anyone closely associate with the campaigns of national candidates of either major party even publicly in the same part of town as the gay and lesbian bars would send their strategists into fits of panic. Now at least only Republican strategists would experience that phenomenon. So although I'm by no means jumping with joy over the former First Child's venture, I'm not taking steps to wipe a mild grin of satsifation fom my face, either.

Are we really that starved for straight approval that we will sing hosannas to anyone who shows their face in a gay bar?

Yes, Michael, we are. Sad to say it.

Chelsea deserves an approving nod. The Bush twins never visited a gay bar to campaign for their father, now, did they?

A.G. Casebeer | April 22, 2008 2:40 PM

The Bush twins never have done anything worthwhile for anyone, kind of like their dad and grandma. The Bush family seems to decrease in IQ as the family line goes forward. Perhaps Republican on Republican sex should be banned, for the good of the gene pool, for the same reason incest is.

As for Chelsea.....well, I don't go to gay bars, or any bars for that matter. But candidates have always visited taverns; it's a cliche of retail campaigning to hoist a shot'o'rotgut, or a cold brew, with the guys from the plant after work. Chelsea simply adapted it to a different constituency. Pretty smart girl, she is.

I think it's cool that she went to a gay bar. Not going to change the world, but it's still pretty cool.

I might get excited to see her as well, but I doubt I would vote for her mother!

Many GLBTs, like most Americans, are enamored with celebrity. Sure a bunch of gay guys would get excited if Chelsea Clinton walked into a gay bar. But they would get even more excited if England's Prince William walked in behind her! In that situation I would expect she would feel stupid and dumb standing alone all by herself. Both situations are totally unjustified.

I dunno. Straight chick went to a gay bar. News at 11. Something tells me the Bush twins have been in a few gay bars in their time too - they just weren't campaigning. :)

Right on, Michael.

The thing that amazes me is how so many gay & lesbian folk get excited that Hillary marches in the occasional gay pride parade or Chelsea visits a few gay bars, and somehow that is supposed to compensate for the Clinton enactments of DADT and DOMA (of which Hillary supports only the partial repeal).

I wish the LGBT community were not so easily satisfied with the form over substance campaign presentations of the Clintons in the pursuit of their political glory, and actually examined what the Clintons have done for us which is exactly nothing.

The bottom line is that the LGBT community has been abused by so many for so long that we are grateful for the slightest attention paid to us, and the ploy of Chelsea gracing us with her presence at a few gay bars in the middle of a campaign to troll for our votes in her mother's bid for power actually probably worked.

The pace of change can be frustrating, but I think it's good to know that politicians nowadays at least recognize the existence of the LGTB community. This is something most Republican candidates don't do.

Let's be models of kindness to everyone.