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Congressional candidate doesn't hate ALL Jews...

Filed By Bil Browning | April 22, 2008 5:30 PM | comments

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...only the ones sleeping with our white Christian women. Seriously.

I've been covering this story on Bilerico-Indiana and touched on it in the earlier roundup post, but I have to make sure everyone saw this.

Indiana's 2nd Congressional District Republican candidate Tony Zirkle first advocates for racial segregation. Then he speaks to a neo-nazi dinner to honor Adolph Hitler's birthday. Now he's claiming he's "misunderstood."

Story with video of his speech on Bilerico-Indiana. His explanation is a howler.

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You should have shared the whole post I took a look on the other site.Sigh and I have to put up with idiots like this on a semi regularly? Anybody up for forming a centerest party ?

I try not to cross post between the two sites too often, but end up doing it occasionally. Other than the Zirkle stories, I don't think I've really promoted the Indiana content here too much. The audiences tend to flow back and forth somewhat anyhow - at least for Indiana readers.