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Doin' the Dirty . . . John Waters Style

Filed By Serena Freewomyn | April 26, 2008 11:59 AM | comments

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Have you ever wondered how John Waters gets his rocks off? No doubt it's pretty out there, judging from his movies. Well, the latest issue of Details Magazine features and interview with the iconoclast, and let me tell you . . . he dishes the dirt!

Q: People always talk about your outlandish fascinations. Do you have any normal ones?
A: I do love The Chipmunks. I'm erotically obsessed with Alvin. I talk about that on my Christmas show, how I wanted to have sex with Alvin and the Chipmunks. And a real animator--I'm not going to tell you what period he was from--just drew one for me of Alvin jerking off. One of the best fan presents I ever got.

You know . . . I was always a bit more into the Chipettes, especially Eleanor (because who doesn't love a fat chick). But we're not talking about my dirty fantasies here. (Or are we?) But what is it about a chipmunk that Waters finds so intriguing?

. . . the idea that you're so excited that you suddenly turn into another voice by getting worked up: "Alvin. . . Alvin . . .ALVIN!!! OKAY!" It's beyond speed.

Umm, yeah . . . Whatever, Mr. Waters. I'll let you keep that one to yourself.

As for causing a stir with his hit movie Hairspray and the Broadway musical that it inspired, Waters says, "It's the only radical thing I ever did, Hairspray. It makes fat girls stars."

Again with the fat girls . . . I think Mr. Waters and I have a little something in common. Just for fun, here's Alanis Morrisette singing about her humps. I thought it was apropos.

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John Waters is so twisted. I love him!

And that is the funniest video ever.

John Waters is one twisted motherfucker. It's part of his charm.