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Don't expect the Jewish, gypsy and gay vote

Filed By Bil Browning | April 21, 2008 3:40 PM | comments

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Just when you think Indiana couldn't become a bigger national mockery of human rights, Tony Zirkle is willing to step right in there and push us that extra yard further.

zirkle-speaks-at-nazi-event.jpgA hat tip to Hoosier Access for finding this picture of 2nd district congressional candidate Tony Zirkle honoring Adolph Hitler's birthday. (You might remember him as the Republican candidate supporting racial segregation.) Click the picture to enlarge. Hoosier Access reports:

On Sunday, Zirkle spoke to a crowd of nearly 60 neo-Nazis/white supremacists gathered in Chicago to commemorate Hitler's birthday. The fact that Tony Zirkle, a candidate for United States Congress, would honor a gathering of neo-Nazis who believe one of the most evil men the world has ever known was in fact a great leader, is utterly despicable and beyond the pale. Tony Zirkle has disgraced himself.

Suddenly Oklahoma City starts to look good again.

[UPDATE:] This post has been updated at "Zirkle: I don't hate all Jews - only the ones sexing our white Christian women"

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The things that kill me about this picture are numerous.

These are the worst Nazis ever. Here they are pictured celebrating Hitler's birthday and there is no birthday cake! Where is the F├╝hrer's white cream icing?

Zirkle is such a Nazi-sounding name. Go ahead, phrase it as Reichsmarschall Zirkle... see what I mean?

Lastly (for now), the Nazi flag was never to be displayed with the flag of any other nation unless it was a nation Germany had conquered. So the Nazi's are an embarrassment to their European comrades when they display the American flag opposite of the Nazi flag. So much for white superiority.

They forget so soon....


The American Nitwitz have always displayed the party flag and the US flag since they were formed in the 1930s.What can I say I have to deal with these nut cases reguarly and regulary put them in there place.

to the fellow that thinks there was no cake you are wrong heres the link

Our little Nazi is correct. Storm actually wrote me an e-mail entitled "I hate to be fair to Nazis, but..." that said:

Hmmm... a red cake. I guess their white cream icing was mixed with the blood of baby Jews.