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Gaydar alert?

Filed By Mike Rogers | April 15, 2008 8:45 PM | comments

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Tags: American Family Association, fundamentalist Christians, gay panic, homophobic behavior, right wing groups, stereotypes

For me the gaydar hits right as that guy with the goatee starts speaking...

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This ghastly thing is what happens when you remove gay people from your production crew. It boggles the mind that they think they could possibly sell such a P.O.S.

Did you notice that even in Eureka Springs, Arkansas the absence of a mounted police squad at that demonstration? Actually - not a single cop at all.

OMG! you would think that the LGBT community was denying these people the right to exist, live, work, marry and have families and not the other way around. the so called gay agenda is nothing more than a struggle for basic human rights....not the denial of rights that the "fundies" represent. it's not a new thing, though. george wallace wasn't going to let "them" infiltrate "his" america, either. when in the name of God are these people going to understand the evil that they are perpetuating?

tobyhannabill | April 16, 2008 2:35 AM

Did he say order a five pack and pass them out to your friends?


I still wouldn't do him. And that's saying a lot. ;)

Dexpat Mike | April 16, 2008 6:50 AM

Oh a five pack. Please, please can I have one!

I think it's more likely that these ex-gays could get some action with a 6 pack. LOL

"They're coming to your town" ... as if they aren't there already, as if you don't already have gay family members of your own, and as if they don't have the same right to government and community participation as you do.

Follow the example of Jesus! Round them up and run them out of town on a rail, just like He did!

Special Bonus! Learn all the wide political uses of xenophobia! Many of the included political barricading tactics also work against Muslims, Buddhists, Mexicans, other racial minorities, and the child your neighbor just adopted from a foreign country. America being the melting pot that it is, pure WASP communities are getting harder to find --- hold onto yours before it's too late!

OMG Alex, you're such a ho! Me likey!