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Hillary Clinton is a successful politician

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There are two basic rules for politics:

  1. Always book a room smaller than you need so it looks like the place is packed with supporters.
  2. Never attack your opponent when someone else will do it for you.

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(Don't forget that over on Bilerico-Indiana, we have gobs of coverage of the Indiana primary election.)

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Bruce Parker Bruce Parker | April 29, 2008 5:59 PM

Bil Browning is a successful blogger.

Now Bil, if you have traced this ad back to Hillary Clinton share your info with the rest of us. If not should we say deceptively captioning video's is a sign of blogger?

Today in Baton Rouge, i saw a dead squirrel on my way to the coffee shop. If I didn't know that Hillary was in Indiana I would swear that she stomped on it so it couldn't vote for Obama.

Thanks Bruce, I'd love to. I was hoping someone would ask...

The American Leadership Project (ALP) is an independent 527 group of Hillary Clinton's major financial backers formed in February 2008. As of March 5, the group had raised $1.2 million, including a one million dollar contribution from AFSCME, a labor union backing Clinton. It ran $1.1 million in anti-Obama TV commercials before the Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania primaries.

It has never ran a pro-Hillary commercial. Only attack ads on Barack Obama.

uh.. so what are Obama's answers?

I understand he's against the repeal of the gas tax and a windfall profit tax on oil companies. for starters.

what are his answers?

Speaking in Winston-Salem today, Senator Barack Obama said that the federal gas tax holiday proposed by his opponents is a gimmick that stands in stark relief to the substantive proposals he’s made to bring relief to hardworking Americans. Senator Obama is the only candidate with a plan to provide broad-based tax relief to the middle class, offering a credit of $1,000 per family or $500 per individual every year, and eliminating income taxes entirely for seniors making less than $50,000. Experts estimate that the proposed gas tax holiday would save consumers only about $28 in total—roughly the cost of half a tank of gas.

Senator Clinton’s repeated attacks on Barack Obama for voting for the 2005 energy bill ring false. Clinton doesn’t tell voters that Indiana Senators Evan Bayh (who is a Clinton supporter) and Dick Lugar supported the bill as being in the best interests of the state, and while she knows that Barack Obama has fought to end perks for the oil and gas companies, she herself voted a year earlier for a package that gave three times as many tax breaks to oil companies as the bill she’s now criticizing. That’s the kind of politics that the American people are rejecting.

From his speech in North Carolina today:

"But here’s the real difference for you to consider. We are both in favor of taxing the windfall profits tax of oil companies. They are making billions and it’s time we made them give back. But Senator Clinton wants to spend the money on this Washington gimmick that will save you $28 all summer. I want to invest that money in clean, affordable, renewable sources of energy like wind power, and solar power, and biofuels, so that we’re not here talking about high gas prices next summer, and the summer after that, and five summers after that. That’s the change we need.

And if my opponents are really interested in genuine relief for Americans who need help paying for gas, or college, or health care, they would support the middle-class tax cut I proposed. That’s what working families need right now – not more of the same Washington gimmicks that are out of touch with the struggles of working Americans, but real change that will make a real difference in their lives. But what we’re talking about now is a Washington con game, and I think the American people are smarter than Washington and will see right through it."

Bruce Parker Bruce Parker | April 29, 2008 9:55 PM


You are hot when you get all high and mighty it is too bad that your support is just about pissing Jerame off. Just playing. :)

Call me and lecture me about Obama. Please?


What's the problem with the ad? I don't get it. It's negative, but I don't see why that's an issue....

Although after reading Bil in #2, it feels like we need some tighter campaign finance reform. You know what else makes me feel like that? EVERYTHING!

Oh, that was the punchline, but I also wanted to ad that I don't give a fuck what the Wash Post's editorial board thinks about Obama's economic plan. Remember how the Iraq War was going to pay for itself? Yeah, they're so on top of things.

I think the last thing we should do is let these people off the hook (lazy journalists who were wrong about Iraq), and that should be the first response to every time they're quoted as being right about anything remotely substantive.

@Bruce: You always compliment me when I'm right. I hear enough lectures about Obama, thanks. But if you'd like to just call and chat and gossip, I'm up for it. LOL

actually, I think the gas tax is a gimmick, too. we need a lot more than a windfall tax on oil companies, we need some damn regulation!

and I know that there are people for which this will have a huge impact because 28 bucks more is a big deal.

but Obama- and Clinton- need to start putting out some economic plans that will make a difference. McCain has pretty much said he's going to drive a stake in the heart of the country by making Bush's tax cuts permanent.

We need a lot more insight that a freeze on foreclosures, and interest rate cuts.

We need sweeping changes in the mortgage industry from top to bottom, we need to keep high paying creative and tech jobs in the states, we need to divest of all oil dependency and give up on corn to create ethanol because it's far less efficient than sugar cane, we need to dump homeland security all together and put the money into public schools. we need universal healthcare for all, period.

We need well thought of ways to get there and not more posturing from Washington DC that ends up being pork in the most favored's district.

we're in deep shit here.