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Horrible coverage of Day of Silence on MI Station

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WNEM has run one of the worst stories I have seen in recent years on LGBT issues by using insensitive and inflammatory terms to cover the Day of Silence today.

First, the headline is pure AFA propaganda. Then referring to the AFA as a "family values" organization is a flat out lie. They then referred to gays and lesbians as living an "alternative lifestyle" and referred to us as "homosexuals." They also keep referring to DOS as a protest, as if there will demonstrations occurring in schools. The AFA lies in the piece by saying they have contacted tens of thousands of parents in MI. They have no such list in MI. They mean they are reaching parents using the media.

They also ran no response to Gary Glenn of the AFA. It is completely biased coverage. They basically ran the press release of AFA.

Contact them at:
55409 Gateway CentreBuilding C, Suite D
Flint, MI 48507
Phone: 810-232-3900
Newsroom: 810-234-5607
Email Ian Rubin [email protected]

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California Panda | April 26, 2008 12:28 AM

And you wonder why? Maybe a 1.5 score out of 6 will give you a feel for the attitude in Michigan? Good luck trying to change their minds any time soon.

The link to the article no longer seems to be working. I went to Google News, and their link isn't working either.

So I checked Google's cache, and turned up an article titled "'Day Of Silence' Has Parents, Group Upset: American Family Association Of Michigan Urging Parents To Keep Kids Home From School"

I am not sure if the link to the cache will work, but I will list it and hope for the best.'Day+Of+Silence'+Has+Parents,+Group+Upset%22&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=1&gl=us

Done. But the link no longer works.

Sean Kosofsky Sean Kosofsky | April 27, 2008 8:01 AM

Yes they pulled down the posting because they realized it was really bad.