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John McCain Won't Oppose Anti-Gay GOP Platform

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John McCain's campaign advisers say that he will not seek to "soften" anti-gay and anti-choice planks in the Republican Party platform.

McCain associates told The Washington Times that his operatives are not going to work behind the scenes to eliminate the party's calls for constitutional bans on abortion and homosexual marriage before the GOP convention in September.

Previous Republican nominees, such as former Kansas Sen. Bob Dole, have sought to alter the party's positions, which are honed and released in the platform immediately before the nominating convention.

I guess this really should come as no surprise. Despite the traditional media's love for calling McCain a "maverick," he is nothing of the sort when it comes to GLBT civil rights.

McCain has failed to co-sponsor any of the six pieces of GLBT related legislation currently pending in the Senate including the hate crimes bill and a bill to provide funding to reduce teen pregnancy and STD rates. He scored a 33% on the most recent Human Rights Campaign Congressional Scorecard. In 2006 McCain supported the proposed amendment to Arizona's constitution that would have prohibited marriage, civil unions and domestic partnerships.

McCain has also surrounded himself with anti-gay right-wing evangelicals like pastors Rod Parsley and John Hagee.

So when McCain's campaign and Log Cabin Republicans try to hoodwink you into voting for John McCain in November, remember that his "straight talk" really is all about is straight and GLBT people need not apply.

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You are right, Michael, this isn't surprising.

What is surprising is the fact that LGBT people are still even considering voting for him. How they can continue to support someone who is at best pandering to the anti-gay right and at worst completely hostile to our community is beyond me.

I'm shocked. Shocked!, I tell ya.

Does anyone care to check out what spin the LCR has laid out on this? I'd visit their site, but I've developed an inconvenient reaction in the form of nausea every time I try to visit.

The Triumph of the Will, in this case the will of the extreme right..
Someone ought to make a movie about it, with clips of the McCain evangelical endorsers at their most rabid....

Might look very similiar to another cinematic piece of the same name.

Ok time to remind you party platforms are ignored even before the final vote on them is taken.

Carry on


That's what I was thinking about LCR's bizarre campaign against Romney - are they implying that there's anyone better?

The LCR's are upset that Romney messed with their court awarded rights in Massachusetts.

The LCR's have never cared a whit about the rest of us.

As far as the platform,; the 2000 platform had tax breaks for the rich and faith based initiative included.
Both became reality.

Bill Perdue Bill Perdue | April 4, 2008 3:11 AM

This is eerily familiar.

It brings to mind the dead silence coming from the Obama and Clinton campaigns when ENDA was gutted and it and the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes bill were tossed in the garbage by Reid, Frank and Pelosi. Not a peep of protest was heard, not a finger lifter to save those bills.

Both Obama and Clinton sat in the Senate for the last two years and had plenty of time to move the repeal of DOMA and DADT but, oddly for such good, good friends of the GLBT communities, it seems to have slipped their minds. Admittedly, they have been busy. Billary was granting interviews to CBN and pointing out that Obama is not a Muslim (to the best of her knowledge) over and over. Obama, for his part was probably exhausted by jumping in and out of bed with the good Reverend Donnie McClurkin.

Looks like whoever wins we’re in for four more years of the same old shit. With Democrats like these who needs Republicans.

(I hope that's not too bitter for you Michael, but as I said before, it's the treatment we get at the hands of these hypocritical hustlers that bitter, not our anger.)

Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | April 4, 2008 9:11 AM

LCR's communications director Scott Tucker recently wrote an op-ed for the Washington Blade called In Defense of John McCain in which tries to make us believe that McCain is not so bad of GLBT civil rights. I wrote a response to Tucker called No Defending John McCain on Gay Issues.

At least with the Republicans one knows where you stand.With our so called allies you have to watch your back to make sure there not stabbing you in it.

Carry on

Barrack Hussein Obama is not qualified to be president. He has only served in a state legislature, and in the US for a minute. Here again the Democrats have given us a candidate who is worthless.

I will not support Obama and plan to vote for McCain. My country comes first and LGBT equality comes second. Mr. Cain will keep America strong, and I think Obamas mouth is writing checks his ass can't cash.

VOTE McCAIN hes an American hero, and has forgot more about politics and government that Obama will ever know.

Bill Perdue Bill Perdue | April 5, 2008 3:26 PM

KRIS - The Luftwaffe pilots who bombed Guernica were not heroes, whether they were under orders or not. Heroes don't wantonly bomb civilians in an undeclared and illegal war. McCain did.

His party and program are no better and no worse than those of Clinton and Obama. They all support the war and programs that have put our economy and standard of living in extreme danger. They all oppose samesex marriage and both of their parties oppose the real ENDA.

The Democrats may be worse. They pretend to be our friends and then regularly ditch us and our agenda for when it’s political convenient, i.e. 24/7/365.