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Last Debate

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No, I did not watch it. My wife made me go out to dinner instead. She says I get a little crazy when I watch debates. I yell at the television and wake the children. My face turns red and my blood pressure soars.

It's not healthy.

But I am going through the different sites this morning and so far, it seems, he looked slow and uninspired. She remained calm and outperformed him.

I'm interested to see how, as the day goes on, different sites break down the event. We have become so clearly a Clinton or Obama blogosphere, our own spins will paint the day in a bright red wave of fury.

Which is why I did not watch the debate last night, too. I'm interested in seeing what others say, with no personal opinion, other than the pro-Clintonista spin I am always putting on things.

Any one watch? Have any comments?

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In spite of a clear anti-Obama bias by the moderators and camera folks and this being WIDELY panned as once of the poorest, least substantive debates ever

In an unscientific ABC News web site poll, Obama was seen as the clear winner. Sixty-eight percent of respondents (27,495) said Obama won the debate, while only 24 percent (9,874) thought Clinton won the debate. Eight percent (3,194) thought it was a tie, as of Thursday morning. An NBC text poll also found Obama was seen as the winner.

I didn't watch the debate either and yet it's still somehow clear to me that Clinton was the winner.

I also think that if we don't invade Iraq and seize their weapons of mass destruction that they are going to come over here and kill all of us.

It's really important to be obedient and think exactly what you are told to think.

Hillary "wins" the debate only if her performance generates more votes for her than Obama; however, given her Roy Cohn-style political hits against Obama where she snidely questioned by innuendo and implication his patriotism, I doubt she won over very many undecided voters. Frankly, I no longer will support any LGBT group with ties to the Clinton machine: integrity matters.

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | April 17, 2008 11:40 AM

Hey Patrick! Would you like another "Duff" beer?

Beloved, is everyone in the world biased but you?

"History," Cohn was misunderstood. He and McCarthy only pretended to hate Commies.

Deep Breath! Since if you are undecided by this time you only watch American Idol lets allow the fine gun toting, church goin, bitter citizens of Pennsylvania to vote.

funny, the Obama folks seem more likely to not rock the boat, go with the flow, and obedient flock of souls.. but okay. whatever y'all say.

I've been called a lot of things but a mindless follower has never been one. I guess there is a first time for everything.

and as far as the Snob poster from before, you all feel awfully comfortable calling Clinton "Roy Cohen."

and not a worry in the world about the possibility that she is the Democratic nominee. but shame on me for pointing out what the republicans are saying about Obama?

you all walk a very odd line.

You know Sara, I didn't watch it and I've tried to avoid coverage of it today. I'm just at the point of not even caring anymore. I've made up my mind - I'm just waiting until election day to go vote. I'm ready for it all to be over with so Democrats can go back to hating Republicans instead of each other.

Good point on the Ray Cohn-Snob correlation. Hyperbole, anyone?