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MIT Takes a Pass on Discipline

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At MIT Sloan Group, the management school of amazing genius, because as we know, everyone at MIT is a genius, decided to take a pass on any form of discipline for a student accused of sending a "homophobic threatening email" to the Sloan LGBT Group.

(Actually, everyone I've ever met who went to MIT really, honestly is a genius. )

The offending e-mail was a response to an invitation sent out by the Sloan Lesbian, Gay, and Transgender Club to an end-of-semester celebration. The response reads in part: "If you fucking fags send me something like that once again or contact me in any other way, I swear you won't be able to study at Sloan for some time because you will spend it at resuscitation department. If this is what you want, go ahead.

The full message is available online along with a response from the LGBT group.

So after appearing in front of the MIT's Committee on Discipline, the student who sent the email was not expelled or suspended. It is unclear if any action was taken.

It's great to see the future executives of our country are not faced with the same ramifications they would experience in the real business world. Anyone making such statements to a coworker in most of the Fortune 500 companies would be fired. Most have policies in place to protect sexual orientation.

It is an interesting question to ask- what exactly are they teaching at MIT?

(and as a note, thank you to whoever sent this article to me! I will take it up with a couple alumni I know)

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There's a part of me that hopes he makes true on his threat someday... and finds himself at a leather rally.

That's outrageous! SO you can threaten physical harm to other folks and ther's not ramifications? ugh. No wonder there is so much anti-LGBT violence in our country...

They're nerds. How violent could they really be?

I kid. But seriously, yeah . . . if the school doesn't include sexual orientation/gender identity in it's anti-harassment or anti-discrimination policy, they don't have to do anything. That is the outrageous part. You should look into that, Waymon.

Here again I'm reminded of the quotation from Shakespear:

Methinks thou protests too much.

An inner struggle perhaps?