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New Kids on the Block Reunite!

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Yesterday I heard the best news all week: New Kids on the Block are back together and they're going on tour this summer. How fucking excited am I!!! (As a general rule, I try to shy away from the use of multiple exclamation marks in a single paragraph, let alone a single sentence. This should tell you how excited I am). Aside from going to see Ani DiFranco in June, this is going to be THE concert of the summer!

Before I get too far into this love note to these Boston heart throbs, a little clarification is in order. New Kids on the Block are now NKOTB. They're all grown up now, so they're no longer "new," or "kids." And while that might be a disappointment to Catholic priests everywhere, I think we can all agree that the NKOTB are like a fine wine. They just keep getting better with age. Even so, there's a video blast from the past after the jump to help you get up this morning.

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How can you not be creaming in your panties after watching that? Especially when they get to the 5 steps and start breaking it down!

Step one is Danny. He's the ugly one. Moving on.

Step two is Donnie. "There's so much we could do." You're right, Donnie. I can think of lots of inappropriate things you and I could be doing. You're just so butch. MMMMMM!

Step three is Jordan. I get all tingly when he sings "It's just you and me" in his falsetto voice. I get even more tingly when I think of him wearing lipstick!

Step four is my personal fav, Joey. "I could give you more." I'll bet you could, Joey. Why don't you bring that gorgeous baby face of yours on over here and we'll find out.

Step five is John. "The time is right." Need I say more?

The thing I love about this video is that the boys are both butch and femme. We see them lifting weights, shooting hoop, riding motorcycles, playing the violin, and dancing. Plus, they all had really great hair. (Except Danny. But he was the ugly one, so it doesn't matter.) Is it any wonder that tween-agers like myself were swooning for these boys back in the day?

John over at Brightest Young Things says that the New Kids on the Block turned him gay, although he never explains why. I'll tell you why. It's because Danny, Donnie, Joe, John, and Jordan, were (and are) HAWT! Hell - I'll even admit to going gay for Joey M. Now that they're all grown up, they're even hawter! Joey STILL has the right stuff and I could sit on that baby face of his all day long! Here they are on

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Earlier this week, NKOTB performed on The Today Show and explained that they will be performing all new material on the tour.

The reunion comes 22 years after the band was formed in Boston and 20 years after the debut of their breakthrough album, "Hanging Tough," rocketed them to stardom. Over the next six years, they sold more than 70 million albums and made hundreds of millions of dollars.

Wahlberg said he was persuaded to get back together with his former bandmates -- Joey McIntyre, brothers Jordan and Jonathan Knight and Danny Wood -- when they decided to record new music. Wahlberg said he wrote 80 percent of the new material with McIntyre and Jordan Knight.

"I had no interest going out on a nostalgia tour and singing the same material," said Wahlberg, 38.

But, he added: "We absolutely will do the old songs for sure."

You can check out their performance on The Today Show to find out if you like their new sound. But I am SUPER PSYCHED that they will be singing the old hits, too. Can you tell I'm already planning my entire summer around this tour?

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I am so excited! I was totally obsessed with NKOTB back in the day (god, how my parents never knew I was gay is beyond me...)!

And John is right. NKOTB made me gay too.

You know how lesbian I am? I am so lesbian I just don't get it with you guys.

Now if the original members of say, Black Sabbath, or Blue Oyster Cult got together, that I would get excited about, but only for the music. I mean Sabbath's Reunion album back in 98 just wasn't enough for me.

I guess that makes me a lesbian too, diddly. I was old enough that New Kids that they were for "young girls" (although I knew all the words to their songs mostly - they played them on the radio constantly!)