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Not My First Time at the Rodeo

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Let's see . . . what happened this week? That Asian girl finally got voted off of "American Idol," Condi remembered she was black, and U Conn beat Duke. What a week! But just in case you missed any of it, here's your weekly round-up.

DOMA, Obama, and Pennsylvania - Guest Blogger Jeremy Bishop
Alabama Lesbian Couple Fights to Attend Prom - Waymon Hudson

Tuesday (The April Fools' Edition)
Bilerico Founder Caught in Boys Gone Wild Scandal - Anonymous Guest Blogger
Larry Craig Ponders Veep Nomination - Don Sherfick

If Not You - Sara Whitman
They Aren't Fooling Us in April or November - Nadine Smith

We Don't Have a Box For That - Waymon Hudson
What DOMA's Repeal Wouldn't Do - Don Sherfick

Destigmatization Versus Coverage and Access: The Medical Model of Transsexuality - Guest Blogger Mercedes Allen

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Thanks for putting together the recap, Serena.

I haven't made it here in two weeks. I really need to step it up!

Woo-hoo! I hit the list twice! Nice!

And I encourage everone to go to the April Fools posts... They are great!

WAIT A MINUTE! Alex, you don't read the site? SHAME!

As a Duke alumnae I just have to decry the anti-Duke attitudes that pervade the LGBT-D leadership. It's as if you wanted to cut the D right out of LGBT-D. I suspect that you are an HRC plant on Bilerco(and we all know that the HRC is UNC dominated--why do you think that they both end in a 'C?' Coincidence? I think not.)

And..I've not heard a word about Duke exclusion from ENDA on this blog. With Teddy and Barney leading the fight, you can be sure that Harvard will be included, and the HRC will keep that unmentionable school in Chapel Hill in the bill. But Duke? Thrown under the Roller(Rols Royve) yet again.

OMG, Maura . . . that's the funniest thing I've read all week! I LOVE IT!