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Queerview Mirror- NKOTB review

Filed By Serena Freewomyn | April 06, 2008 2:00 PM | comments

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Editor's Note: Queerview Mirror is a review from two of our editorial team, Serena Freewomyn and Waymon Hudson. If you'd like something reviewed, feel free to pass it on. If they like you, they might look at it, otherwise- suck it.

WAYMON: So this week we are reviewing the new "New Kids on the Block" cd, right? How excited am I??

SERENA: All I can say is that I would totally go gay for Joey.

W: I know! He's dreamy...

S: and I love that he still has a baby face. Mmmmmm... Yummy.

W: On a man's body... hot! So, have you heard any of the new NKOTB stuff?

S: Ummm, not yet - I was too busy watching the old videos. STEP BY STEP... OO BABY!

W: Loves it!! Hangin' tough... that would be the title of my porn...

S: Mmmm...

W: The one I make with hottie Joey Mac! Although two girly boys like us might have to bring someone in to be the "tough" part...

S: I know who I would pick- some hot leather daddy with a whip... and Tom of Finland style hat and glasses... yeah, boy!

W: Nice! I could get into that...

S: Oh, honey . . . I'm ALREADY into that.

W: You're such a lezzy...

S: I know!

W: So what's our verdict on the new NKOTB cd? I think this was supposed to be a review...

S: Here's my vote- who cares! They're all hot (except for Danny... he's the ugly one...), so of course I'm buying it.

W: Ditto here. I give it two thumbs up just for kitsch factor. And I give Joey Mac something else, straight up...

S: Good - now I have a male authority to validate my decision. Just what I needed!

W: Honey, you know you could kick my ass in a hot second...

S: And don't you forget it! This was productive...

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You two are crazier than I am. I don't know about productive, but it was stupid. LOL How's that for validation? *grins*

The Queerview Review of Bil's comment:

"Suck it."


You two are a coupla nuts... :)

Bil, you're just jealous of our hag relationship. To paraphrase the Pussycat Dolls, "don't you wish your fag hag was a freak like me?" Well, dontcha?

Serena, your lezzie creds are going so downhill with me, I mean getting hot and bothered about a Boy band?

Give me a break, that is so gay, and not in a good sense. Not a pink taco among the lot.

LOL Diddly. You know I love the pink taco! But I'm by no means a gold star lesbian. I lost that card a long time ago. Don't be a hater! ;^)

Oh I could never hate you my dear, you know that, I only tease cos I love ya so much!

Are you doubting my girl Serena's lez-cred, Diddly? Those are fighting words...

Okay, that was totally unconvincing... We all know Serena is the top in this team. I put the "rear" in "rearview mirror".