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Rickrolling, bisexual John Mayer, George W. Bush Sewage Plant and more

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I'm rushed for time today, but I thought I'd put up a roundup of stories I wanted to blog about but haven't gotten around to yet. Give 'em a click.

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re: Rickrolling, which came first, the Family Guy joke or the 4chan meme? Because I don't watch Family Guy often, and I thought the /b/tards did it first. Yes, they're homophobic jackasses, but they pretty much hate everything and everyone equally too.

Either way, I never thought it was funny. Just stupid. Much like most of 4chan. Now I just have even more reason to dislike the rickroll than the fact it's a thoroughly stupid trend. (Dangit! I was hoping maybe if I just ignored it, it would go away!)

As was discussed over at the Blend, calling Rickrolling homophobic is a gross oversimplification of its appeal. There's his cheesy dance, the horrible music, and the fact that that voice is coming from such an unexpected source. I'm also fairly certain it predates the Family Guy episode as well.

diddlygrl | April 8, 2008 3:25 AM

Okay, so who is John Mayer, and why should I give a flip if he is bi or gay?

Rickinroll is just adolescent stupidity, I wasn't even aware of it until mentioned here. Big deal, teenagers being homophobic, wow there is a news flash!

The rodeo was in town back in Febuary around here, wasn't a gay rodeo, but what the hey, rodeo is rodeo.

I think a jail cell would be more appropriate as far as naming things after bush, name a cell after him then throw him and cheney in it.

May the ghosts of their victims haunt their dreams for the rest of their days.

@diddly - John Mayer is a musician. He's hot. Very hot.

Click through on the link above to see how hot he is. Or click here to see a post I did of him half naked in a very unfortunate bathing suit.

Well, okay, I guess you could call him hot, if you are into that sort of thing.

But then, he is a guy.

And where Did he get that silly bathing suit? Totally lame.