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This week's hot spot review involves little dogs in outfits running down a tiny little track. That's right folks . . . it's time for the annual Chihuahua races!

favorite shirt.jpgYa'll might remember me posting last month about my family having to put down our Rottweiler Binks because he had cancer. We got another dog to fill the gap in our lives, a long-haired Chihuahua named Zeek. Zeek loves his squeeky toys and humping the furniture. But most of all, he loves his pink tutu and he loves to run.

Consequently, we thought he'd be a natural for the Chihuahua races. We trained with him in the park to get him ready to go. And when 8:00 AM hit yesterday, Team Zeek was ready to rock! Follow me after the jump to find out what happened!

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If you've never been to a Chihuahua race, let's just summarize to say it's hilarious. These little guys are so damn cute and when they're set loose, most of them don't run to their family member at the end of the track. Most start running in circles or in opposite directions. This video doesn't really give you an idea of the mayhem because it's from last year's national finals, so these dogs are real pros.

Our little guy was ready to go, but when the bell went off, he didn't want to run through the chute. There was a lot of noise and Zeek got confused. Instead of running towards his momma, Zeek headed the opposite direction and ran out of the gate that we came in through. I had to track him down and run by his side so he could get to my aunt at the end of the track. He came in dead last in his heat, but #1 in our hearts!

carmelita.jpgAwards were also given out for Best Team Spirit. The winner was hands down little Carmelita. Her momma had her in her Race Day best. You can see her here in her hat and feather boa. What drag queen wouldn't be proud? Carmelita was a slow runner, but so fun to watch. Her tongue goes in and out of her mouth with each step (kind of like Gene Simmons). She really lumbers along at a waddle than anything else, but hey . . . it's all good fun, no?

Not to be outdone, there were families there who all had T-shirts that matched their dogs' outfits, so Team Zeek was a bit underdressed. We know now for next year.

How did we celebrate Zeek's big finish for his first day at the races? We spent the afternoon at the dog park and let Zeek wear his tutu. Zeek decided he was in love with a Pitbull named Capone. The two of them lovingly sniffed each other's balls and ran around the park together. Who can stop true love?

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As long as Zeek is a winner in your heart, that's all that matters.

Oh, Bil . . . you know it! I have never been one for little dogs (although you KNOW I'm a sucker for dogs in general), but this little guy has made me reconsider my bias. He's just too damn cute!