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Some notes from the Dirty Girls reading last night

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+There's an interview with me up at the Dirty Girls blog. Check it out if you like.

+Cafe Royalle is very... Royalle. It was quite a posh place to do a reading. Poshest place I've ever read, at least.

+Shar Rednour made really fabulous cupcakes. And she told me she loved my story. Awww.

+Thank you, Jordan, Rachel, Guy, Lori, and Jin for being my friends in the audience. You're all great.

+"You look hot. I just want to dive into your cleavage and stay there a million hours." -- Guy.

+This little bit of banter between me and Melissa was kinda great:
Melissa: "...immaculate blowjob..."
Me: (from the audience) BWAHAHAHAHA!
Melissa: (stops reading her story) She gets to laugh, she's Catholic!
Me: I love you, Melissa!
Melissa: I love you, too! You all need to know that Gina de Vries made me stay up till 6am to finish this story I'm reading you!
Me: Melissa made me stay up till 6am to finish my story, so we're even!

+I realized last night that I'm not really used to my audiences being mostly straight people. Judging from how people were responding to my work, I get the sense that it was an overwhelmingly heterosexual audience, at least in terms of places I usually perform. You could tell who the queers in the audience were because they were belly-laughing and snapping throughout my story. Everyone else kinda tittered nervously at the funny bits. Dear nervous heterosexuals: I WON'T THINK YOU'RE HOMOPHOBIC IF YOU LAUGH. IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE FUNNY!

+It was really good to see and catch up with Carol a little bit; I'd never heard her read the story she read (a fantastic and dirty little jaunt through San Francisco's bookshops and peepshows). I really liked that San Francisco was its own character in both of our stories.

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