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Sunday Funnies- Lizzy the Lezzy

Filed By Waymon Hudson | April 06, 2008 7:03 AM | comments

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iPhone users: Click to watch

Lizzy the Lezzy is a cheeky lesbian cartoon character who expresses herself through stand-up comedy and songs. It is one of the funniest cartoons around, so check it out on youtube and her website(www.lizzythelezzy.com)!

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This reminds me of too many bad high school interp rounds....

Don't you just hate bisexuals?

Um, no.

oh Alex...

I guess some humor just isn't up to your lofty standards. :)

The cartoon is actaully really smart. it makes fun of the stereotypes people have about out community in a funny way.

Sigh, I still love you though.

"They're silly. I'll just never understand why they like to suck dick. Blecht!"

My senitments exactly. Guess that's the one thing keeping me from being a gay boy, eh?

Ethan Pleshe | April 7, 2008 2:36 AM

Being that I used to identify as a lesbian I find the jokes hilarious. Yes, I am a transman who now dates gay men. Another one of those. LOL

Anways, my roommates and I love Lizzy the Lezzy and had to watch all of them once we saw one on LOGO.