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Support San Diego Mayor Sanders!

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Editors' note: Stampp Corbin works for the Mayor Sanders Reelection campaign and Nicole Murray-Ramirez is a San Diego City Commissioner.

There is an opportunity for the LGBT community to show that we support those who support us. That opportunity is in the mayoral race in San Diego. Before you say "why should I care about a local race in San Diego?" let us tell you what is happening.

For decades, Jerry Sanders has always stood up for the civil rights of all San Diegans, in public service positions including the Chief of Police, Executive Director of the United Way, Executive Director of the Red Cross and now as the Mayor of the city. He has a long relationship with the LGBT community that spans decades and was the first Chief of Police to march in full uniform in the San Diego Gay Pride Parade. In fact, he has marched in parades 16, yes, 16 times. In addition, he was the first to openly recruit LGBT officers for the San Diego Police Department, as well as to end police harassment at LGBT gathering places.

Since Mayor Sanders, a Republican, public announcement of his support for full marriage equality in California, he has come under attack from his party, as well as the usual suspects. The day that he announced his support for gays and lesbians right to marry, his Republican opponent, Steve Francis, announced his candidacy. Mr. Francis denounced the mayor's support of marriage equality and proclaimed the typical talking point that marriage equality will lead to the breakdown of the institution of marriage. Francis also proclaimed that he may spend $3 million to defeat Mayor Sanders in the primary campaign.

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Clearly, it is time for the LGBT community to show Mayor Sanders his support for us leads to national support for him; even if it is in a major local race. When a Republican or Democrat takes a courageous stand for marriage equality, they deserve our national financial support.

Money talks and support of Mayor Sanders will send the message to politicians that the LGBT community, when it comes to our equal rights, is ready to put its money where its mouth is. His support of marriage equality is critical in our fight nationally. Just like we supported marriage equality through personal donations to fight anti-marriage amendments in other states, we hope you can help us support our Mayor for his courageous stand. So we are asking that you send a "thank you" gift to the Mayor Sanders Reelection Campaign. The maximum allowable donation is $320 but we will take any amount. Please put "thank you" in the comment section of your check and mail it to:

Stampp Corbin

Mayor Sanders Reelection Campaign

4225 Arista Street

San Diego, CA 92103

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Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | April 29, 2008 10:50 AM

Nicole and Stampp,

Thanks for giving people the opportunity to support Sanders in his re-election campaign. It is crucial that we support candidates who support us.

If everyone that commented when Mayor Sanders' speech hit the blogosphere the first time sent a check for $20, we'd have plenty for him to win. Anyone wanna join my $20?

Brian Lacklen | April 30, 2008 12:49 PM

As a life long Democrat - I have only voted for one Republican in my life - a black female judge running in North Carolina.

Mayor Sanders will be the second Repbulican I vote for because he takes stands for the LGBT Community against the rath of his party because he knows it is the right and fair thing to do.

His leadership on the prosecution of the Hate Crime attacks during Pride two years ago sent a strong message to San Diegans that "Hate" will not be tolerated. His support of the City Council Resolution to Support the Amicus to the Califonina Supreme Court Brief regarding Marriage Equality for all California was the most courageous move I have ever seen by a politician.

He will get my vote and you will get my check for his re-election campaign.