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The Larry Craig Vice-Presidency: My Credibility Challenged

Filed By Don Sherfick | April 14, 2008 9:00 AM | comments

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The message from my TBP Managing Editor was terse, and couldn't have been clearer: "Your 'Larry Craig as John McCain's Vice-Presidential running mate' item and its follow-up have lost all credibility with our readers. We trust that you will use sound journalistic judgment should you decide to write concerning this topic in the future."

Well, when I began to blog at this site some 18 months ago I really never thought it would come to this. There is something so inherently Horatio Alger-ish about the idea of a disgraced Idaho senator crawling under numerous partitions and finally re-establishing himself before the American electorate that one carelessly hastily drafted journalistic directive cannot so easily diminish.

You would think that this site, with all of its promise of becoming the authoritative and news-breaking GLBTQ place on the Internet, would welcome hard-hitting investigative journalism that is there from the very beginning of an important national phenomenon.

After all, it wasn't all that long ago that the very thought of a black or a woman could become POTUS would have been scoffed at. So why think that being viewed as an outed toilet queen should forever deny someone the opportunity of holding at least the nation's second highest office? What's happened to our collective imagination? Greatness comes from pulling ourselves up from adversity, and not just sitting there all day, on occasion flushing so as not to attract undue attention, and then knowing that plain-clothed airport policemen always shine their shoes, just like J. Edgar Hoover's FBI agents, a dead giveaway.

But I digress, as breaking news is about to burst the seams of our collective apathy concerning Larry Craig's future: Mrs. Craig is going to give another interview to Matt Lauer (this time not in the company of her husband) to talk about how events in her life has made her eminently qualified to become First Lady should that occasion arise. "When the Secret Service knocks on the Lincoln Bedroom door at 3 a.m. with an update concerning Larry's whereabouts, I'll be wide awake," she's quoted as saying to an advance news team. Mike Huckabee's wife could never have risen to that task. Never.

Those who think that Larry's being in the right stall at the wrong time precludes any change of political comeback choose to forget what happened after Richard Nixon told reporters after loosing the California Governor's race in 1962. He said they wouldn't have him to kick around any more. So what happened? Watergate. If you counter by saying Napoleon was not the same after Waterloo, Larry can prove that there's life after Water Closet.

But back to the message I got: "...Lost all credibility with our readers." Bah! The same line of thinking would have closed the U.S. Patent Office halfway into the 1800's because "there's nothing new under the sun." If the Washington Post had said something similar to Bob Woodward, the term "deep throat" might never have become a household word.

Just having gotten around to watching "Good Night and Good Luck", and seeing the tension between famed journalist Edward R. Murrow and the higher-ups at CBS in the early 1950's over standing up to Senator McCarthy, I hope my continued pursuit of the matter doesn't strain my own relationships with the TPB hierarchy. I'm sure that not being sent a piece of Jerame's 33rd birthday cake last week was a complete coincidence.

I just don't know about the little note about my never having been that young.

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Here's an insider's tip about Don's original Larry Craig post - IT WAS A JOKE! Come on ya'll . . . does anyone really think that any of the other posts for April Fool's Day were true? Don just happened to have the wittiest and more realistic joke of the day.

And like Don said in this post . . . Larry Craig could still be named as John McCain's running mate. Stranger things have happened. Just look at the dim witted drool monkey who's in the Oval Office now. If that's not a vision of what's possible for the most disgraceful amongst us, then I don't know what is.

Lighten up, folks.

I find it really funny that Don is known as our site humorist, has been doing these Larry Craig as veep posts since April Fools Day and there are still readers who think he's being serious. Cracks me up.