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They Don't Want No Sissy Church

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I do a lot of creative writing in my time away from the Project. I'm working on a novel and do write poetry. This ones already up on TransGriot, but I thought I would share it with you.

It is my response to the African-American ministers who have openly expressed their homophobia at various times in various venues.

Faith brought us through the Middle Passage
Helped us survive slavery
It emboldened us to take out Jim Crow
And build community

Our ministers led us all those years
Had dreams like Dr. King
They ran for public office
And still dried our salty tears

But now they're on cable TV
Leaving some peeps in the lurch
Shufflin' for the GOP
'Cause they don't want no sissy church

Thought y'all were called by God
To take care of all your flock
When it comes to your GLBT children
It's them you demonize and mock

Adulterer, drug dealer or hooker
If you're straight then that's okay
If you're gay and wanna get married
You wanna ride with the KKK

The sermons in front of arena-sized crowds
Chock full of hate and bile
Dividing our community
Making white fundamentalists smile

You flap your gums on Faux News
Repeating the 'gay agenda' lie
But y'all were strangely silent
When Katrina caused our peeps to die

You're a fool for the GOP
Groveling for every faith-based cent
Not caring what you do to Black gay peeps
For that you'll have to repent

You Christopimps disgust me
You designer suit wearing sellout jerks
God and history will determine
Who the sissies are in the Black church

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Amen, Sister! Right ON! Good work!

Thanks for sharing, Monica. It's beautiful.

Christopimps. That's a good one - I'm gonna recycle it.

The Emperor’s New Gender By Erica Heny, an African-American perspective (Copyright 2008 Street Law)

People with gender identity disorder have thoughts and feelings that fall outside of traditional gender norms, which cause them to assume that they were born in the wrong body.

This argument would be similar to claims by African-Americans during slavery or segregation that they were meant to be born with white skin instead of brown because they entertained thoughts and feelings of freedom and equality.

Assuming a gender identity that is in contradiction to one’s biological reality begs a suspension of disbelief, like that required when watching a theatrical production. People with gender identity disorder believe – and expect everyone else to believe – a fairy-tale that simply isn’t true.

When we cooperate with a person’s gender delusion and grant it privileges under law, the rights of other will be violated.

During the era of segregation, the prevailing delusion was that African- Americans were not people. This perception spawned the oppressive Jim Crow laws that restricted travel, commerce, education, and economic development opportunities for blacks.

Segregation demanded that blacks go to the back of the bus and give priority seating to whites because of the belief by whites that blacks were not people. Today’s transgender legislation requires that biological females, in order to protect their privacy, give priority use of restrooms, showers and locker rooms to males who believe they are female.

A small child in “The Emperor’s New Clothes” was the only one with the courage to tell the truth about the king’s delusion. Will today’s youth expose the contemporary version of this old tale by nonviolently changing public policy to protect their rights as did the youth of the 1960s, or will they deny reality and live under the legal constraints posed by this type of legislation?

Your thoughts please on this .... interesting... co-option of MLK's legacy?

for those of all colors and creeds who preach hatred and intolerance and injustice...

"Always remember whatsoever you do unto others it shall return to you tenfold and if you withhold from others, God will withhold from you."

"Whatsoever you sow you shall reap."