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This week's installment of We Get Mail is more like an open thread... I immediately wrote the reader with my suggestions but I'd like to get your recommendations too.

From: Niall Couper

Message: Just wondering if you can help us. I'm the press officer for Amnesty International UK dealing with LGBT issues, and while I'm aware of this site, but knowledge of the best UK equivalent is pretty poor. Can you point me in the right direction?

Well, Projectors, what're your suggestions? What international LGBT sites would you recommend? I'll pass them on to Niall on Monday morning.

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Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | April 26, 2008 1:22 PM

I'm confused as to what remaining issues the Brits could have. I know a handsome and intelligent Thai man (late 20's) who is an interpreter for a furniture importer who is a good friend. Poe is a fearless negociator and my importer friend trusts and depends on him as he navigates his way through the maze of designing exclusive furniture.

Anyhoo the British student boyfriend (early 20's) proposed marriage and off they now go to Vietnam for their honeymoon and the young Thai man will have a British passport and rights as his spouse. All they had to do was register as a couple at the British embassy.

Perhaps the lack of British sites stem from a climate that lacks repression. I'll be certain to check pinknewsuk though.

Robert, you've perfectly illustrated the dangers of an assimilationist gay rights movement that places marriage as the final barrier to full equality (never mind liberation).

Just two days ago you commented on a story about a gay Iranian, Mehdi Kazemi, who is being denied asylum in the UK. And now you are confused as to what ‘remaining issue’ the Brits may have that is relevant to queers?

One of the many problems with the current mainstream gay movement – a movement that seeks only the privileges of heterosexual existence such as marriage & military service – is that it destroys our ability to imagine the world that we want to create.

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | April 27, 2008 1:31 AM

The first reason I commented on that posting was to return it to topic. OK Nick, what is YOUR version of the perfect world? All that I said was I was confused as to the remaining issues the Brits might have as in my business and social contacts with them I have found my sexuality a non issue.

You see, I was queer and out and working in Gay causes long before a celebrity heard of us. Guess what? When I achieved a certain amount of success I began to share back to my "whole" community which includes straight people and their kids, gang issues and drugs, Inadequate housing in Chicago, police issues and violence of all types.
If you call that assimilationist I will gladly accept the description.

My parter and I met over 31 years ago and we have never had a commitment ceremony. I guess because we personally never felt the need, but we never had the opportunity either to have a state saunctioned recognition of our relationship. I commend Britain for the strides she has made and no, it is not perfect, but relative to the bigotry of the United States we have a lot to learn from them.

Also I am happy beyond words that Khun Poe will have British passport that will allow him to travel almost anywhere in the world. A Thai person trying to get a visa to visit America to be with his lover? Good luck!

Do you really believe that (with the media attention the Iranian kid has received)he will go back to Iran? I don't. Of course that does not help all the people who don't have fifteen minutes of fame. World wide violence against LGBTQ persons exists even in the Asia that I love.

With regard to the post on the Iranian seeking aslyum in Britain I stated: "Our government has one set of standards for how Americans live domesticly (Our Bill of Rights) and an entirely more abusive one that it employs toward foreigners." Also on that post I stated: "Accept it dude, the world is imperfect and that discrimination against Gay people is deeply rooted in three world religions certain cultures would have to be uprooted to end it completely."

I used to joke: "When I am emperor, things will be run differently in this world!" I knew it was a joke, and so did everyone else who heard me. So Nick, "Workers of the World Unite" has been tried. What do you propose for LGBTQ rights? I propose that we domesticly do all we can to catch up with Britain and then have the clout to use our economic power (if we have any left) to negociate better, if not perfect, conditions for our brothers and sisters the world over. And yes Nick, it will take a lot of time. In that for the past 100 years we have only used our economic power for bad things it would be a nice change.

This is, in part, why I live in Buddhist Thailand.