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What are you writing? open thread

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Want to join the blogroll of the Bilerico Project? We're big believers in spreading the love around, so leave a comment below with the name of your blog and the URL. We'll add you to the blogroll; its that easy! The only requirement? Go visit everyone else's blog that leaves a comment too. It's only fair, after all.

So what're you writing? Consider this a blogwhoring open thread and give us what you got.

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Blogwhoring. Definitely an interesting concept. Of course, an open thread such as this gives me way too much of an opportunity to procrastinate from doing important work, like writing end of the semester papers.

"Blogwhoring?" interesting coined word.

There are two things in the works, but they're not ready for prime time. First, I am writing an article about my research on the racial breakdown for the transgender Remembering Our Dead list. I'm a person who likes to be as accurate as possible when presenting various figures to the public that are used to make our point. Accuracy = credibility. I still have about a week on this one.

The other thing is something that may prove to be a huge help to the transgender community as a whole, and definately help to transgender veterans. It is the Transgender Veterans Survey that has been conducted on line by the Transgender American Veterans Association since December 13. Tomorrow morning, the survey will end and the analyzing phase of the survey will begin. There are a couple of very credible organizations who will be helping us analyze the data and we may have the results by the end of May or early June.

I cannot tell you too much about the survey, it's content or some of the figures we're seeing. I can tell you this. Nearly 1000 people have accessed the survey, giving us over 800 usable responses. We hope that what we are seeing will be useful to the transgender community for years to come.

"Blogwhoring" isn't my own invention. Tons of other bloggers use the term to describe leaving a comment that links to your own blog in the hopes that other commenters will click through and give you more traffic.

Interesting. I'll have to get my computer-savie girlfriend to help me do a bit of blogwhoring for my blog.

Being I am a sports jock, I also blog at, on their "Jock Talk." Here I can be found talking about most any subject related to sports, LGBT-related or not, from the steroids scandal to whatever World Cup is happening. I also write quite a bit about women in sports.

Right now I'm blogging the countdown to the Kentucky Derby this coming Saturday. Outsports readers include some doughty horse lovers and handicappers who like my posts.

This year I had no trouble deciding which horse I like -- it's Big Brown all the way. You just can't help noticing this horse -- he's big but athletic, long-striding, with a blazing turn of speed. Reminds me a little of Secretariat -- we'll see if he performs that well. And he's got that "I'm the greatest" attitude that no good horse can win without. Big Brown has caught the public imagination so swiftly that a media frenzy greeted his arrival at Churchill Downs. There's one worry with him, though --he has some chronic hoof problems that might affect his performance on the hard dirt track.

Motor sports? Last Sunday was the NASCAR Cup Race at Talladega, and I was glued to my TV. This track has some hair-raising challenges for drivers, and they approach it with respect. Even though fan attendance is generally falling off everywhere because of the recession, there wasn't an empty seat at Talladega, and the whole place was on its feet screaming as the lead cars came down to the checkered flag. I'm cheering the handful of Latino drivers who are fighting their way to visibility in the sport, so it was great to see Juan Pablo Montoya almost win -- he finished 2nd.

You see, sports lovers tend to be divided into two camps. There are stick and ball people, and racing people. I'm a racing girl. I love horse racing in all forms, as well as human racing (track, long distance, etc.) and motor sports, and sport aviation. I love the speed, the need for heart, the strategies as the race unfolds, and the imponderables that influence the outcome. Very exciting stuff to write about out. And LGBT people are out there in the thick of it, in most every sport today. It's very exciting stuff to write about...which I've been doing ever since I wrote "The Front Runner."

Midgetqueen Blog present and accounted for, sir! :)

Mostly lately I've not had time to do much more than link-n-blurb on other people's brilliant postings. HOWEVER I also talk about life in Indiana, social justice issues all over the place including but not limited to feminism and race and GLBT rights, debtors' and tenants' rights, death and the funeral industry (I'm a funeral home secretary), food, frugal-living tricks, fun things like that.

My personal blog is Blind Prophecy.

My professional blog (which is still in development) is Out & Equal Workplace Advocates Blog.

My blog is mine only in the sense that I am the only blogger, but it is really a regional organizations blog, the Pacific Northwest Reconciling Ministries Blog. The best sense I can give here is that we are part of the front line for LGBTQI rights because of the huge influence religion has on politics, particularly in the US. The conflict goes on in many denominations, but the United Methodists are right up there in numbers with the Roman Catholics and the Southern Baptists, and hence have a big influence not just on theology within the wider Christian church, but specifically on how people--both voters and legislators--view the issues surrrounding LGBTQI people. We are made up of both lay and clergy and devote a substantial part of our personal time, energy, and money on teaching and educating on LGBTQI within the religious community.

I have a blog over on cover anythig and everything from my erotic fiction to my politics blog.I also have a section on my religion .I even have a blog on what it takes to change ones sex.So wnader on buy and once logged on to the site look for Caty the Ghost and then check the blog link on my home page.

hehe ok pimping out my site dont know if you need to have an account to view but here ya go!

My blog, No Designation, covers political stuff, mostly trans issues these days, but I also talk about queerspawn stuff, femmephobia, domestic violence, and one of these days I'll get around to dealing with multiracial issues.

And while not a blog, you can check out my zine series of erotic fiction at Handbasket Productions. I'm quite proud of having been told by someone that they learned more from my porn than from a trans 101.

I am blogging at

Mostly related to the school work I am doing - which is cultural studies, queer/transgender theory, and political science topics - somewhat theoretical - mostly I pose questions...

I've been mostly taking care of my partner, who came back from her GRS a couple of weeks ago, and also looking for work (big career change, so this isn't going to be easy). But DentedBlueMercedes is still out there, and there's a few articles in the works. Can't keep a big mouth shut. :)

I don't really write so much at my's actually more of a podcast about my life and really whatever I feel like talking about at I also co-host a weekly live show called Brief Moments of Sanity which is usually focused on trans/queer issues and we talk quite a bit about posts here on Bilerico. :)

My personal blog is where I muse about life, gender and the pursuit of happiness in heels. It's been sadly neglected thanks to lots of travel and some computer problems in the last month.

I'm also a contributor to Trans Group Blog, which as the name implies is a diverse group of folks writing about trans issues.

A.G. Casebeer | May 2, 2008 1:15 AM

I have a blog, under a pseudonym that I commonly use, largely because I'm a crossdresser and had been on job search for a stretch. At this point, I don't have to worry about my employer finding me out, but I like the pseudonym, anyway.

Monica Roberts, a contributor to this blog, regularly calls me the polar bear, as do most of my friends. I sort of resemble one, after 10K micrograms of LSD-25. Much of the writing is transgender/political related, but some is sports, music, and cars as well. I must admit I enjoy killing baby seals.....