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Zirkle: I don't hate all Jews - only the ones sexing our white Christian women

Filed By Bil Browning | April 22, 2008 2:15 PM | comments

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There is just so much wrong with this story that I can't stop laughing at all the possible punchlines available. This story just doesn't stop either. First Indiana's 2nd Congressional District Republican candidate Tony Zirkle advocates segregation. Then he speaks at an Illinois neo-nazi dinner in honor of Adolph Hitler's birthday.

So how does he follow up? He says he was misunderstood. He didn't mean all Jews. He only meant the ones having sex with white Christian women.

Zirkle said he feels he was misunderstood. His real mission, he said, is to rid the country of pornography, and that's what he was saying at the ANSWP gathering. So how did his comment about Jews fit in?

"Most of the male porn stars were Jewish at the beginning," Zirkle explained.

Now the male porn stars are mostly black, he claimed, and the women who appear in pornographic works tend to be "young, white, Christian women."

If people think he is targeting the Jews, he said, they are misinterpreting his position. He is targeting, Zirkle said, the "porn dragon" that inspires Jews to get involved in pornography.

Video of Zirkle's speech to the American National Socialist Workers Party after the jump. Notice there's no birthday cake for Hitler. You know it's because Hitler wanted vanilla cake with white frosting and everyone else wanted chocolate.

What a freakin' idiot. Only in Indiana.

(Hat tip to Hoosier Access for finding the video.)

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It figures color would be an issue in the video.

The book he references in the photo and the video is "The Desire of the Ages" and calls it one of the best books he has ever read. (wiki link)

You're right - only in Indiana! I can't stop laughing. And hey, how come I didn't marry one of those porn stars? Where did I go wrong????

How on earth can he talk about "loving relationships" while standing in front of a picture of Hitler? This man is insane! I think he's got some "issues".